Me? Complain? Nah! πŸ˜‚

Oh wow. Just wow. I seem to be in a heated discussion with a client over my 2018 rates. I went up on my weekly fee by $25 a week and hourly fee by $2 per hour. I didn’t put that I wanted an extra $100 a week for being a companion or $5 to $10 per hour for driving which is technically what I could charge for my services in this area (I never will because Uber is pretty cheap and they are my only real competition).

This is my first complaint about the new rates. This person wants to be “grandfathered” in because they are a friend. Sorry chickeeda! I can’t do that! I have to make money too! I understand you want to save $25 a week but look at it this way. I take care of all of your parent’s needs whether it be phone calls to doctors, fighting with insurance, or even dealing with the retirement homes.

Expenses have skyrocketed since I moved in with my mother. The Toyota I got from a client was never driven much for years and now everything is breaking, including the electrical system, since I drive it daily. My mother seems to think I’m made of money as well and doesn’t have to pay me back for all of the little things she asks me to “pick up while I’m out.” The list of things that have gone up in price goes on and on.

I had breakfast with Forgetful this morning. I took her breakfast from La Madeline and she was very happy. Her step daughter in law came too and that was fun, not! She screamed at her and told her she’s lying and doesn’t care, blah blah blah. Forgetful didn’t notice when I left either. Oh well. I’ll see her tomorrow.

The only other thing I have today is taking the couple to dinner unless someone calls me to take them somewhere. I guess once my food settles (I think I ate too much), I’ll go work out at the gym. Which is another expense! πŸ˜‚

Last night I went outside to take trash out and the sky was clear in between heavy downpours so I took a picture of the creepy looking sky.

Weird, right?

No exercise (at the gym)

Today I was supposed to not exercise. I did not go to the gym. What I DID do is work my hiney off for an hour and a half working on my garage.

It was packed full. I made a sizable dent in it today. My foot is what told me to stop. I’m sure my mother will have a conniption fit when she sees all that I’m throwing out. I noticed that there were 3 items in there that look like they were at one point on fire. An oil lamp in its package, a blanket wrapped in another blanket, and a box. I don’t think they have ever had a fire here so I don’t know how they got burned.

I brought in the china cabinet and a foot broke off on it. I’m sure she will say I did it on purpose so she can’t keep it which is not true. I just didn’t have help and was trying to slide it along the tile floor and it broke off! I wasn’t going to try to bring in her wood storage thing that goes at the end of her bed. It’s heavy and I would have to slide it and don’t want to break that.

There’s SO much more to do too! She has a TON of brand new stuff still in boxes or bags that she needs to look at and decide what to do with. Then there are tons of big bags behind her new front door in there plus tools, gardening stuff (she doesn’t garden), and who knows what else.

My son pulled out all of her clay pots and put them in the patio so she can see just how many she has. For someone who doesn’t USE them, why??? I am hoping for a wake up call for her I guess. She needs to stop just buying stuff to buy them. She’s on a fixed income, even working she is only part time and doesn’t make much.

I came home the other night and there was a bag of ribbon on the floor (like behind a chair at the back of a table). I asked her about it and she replies,

“They were 75% off plus I get 30% employee discount so they were practically free”.

Me: Umm, mother, are you going to use this ribbon?

Mother: “Well, I might.”

Seriously? I know there are a bunch of people that have this problem so is there so overspending group I can send her to? I buy what I need. If I don’t look at something or use something I bought, it gets sold or donated. So what is her issue and I’m SO glad I didn’t get that from her!

Anyway, I feel like I definitely got a work out in today. So much for taking a day off! My foot is not happy with me so I got my dinner and I am relaxing in bed.

I hope you all had a good weekend!

Boyfriends I’ve had after my divorce

Oh what in the world am I doing making this post? Lol!

I’ve had quite a few and maybe I’m just too picky but I don’t really care. They were obviously not the right man!

There was a Jewish guy that I don’t even remember his name (how rude Jules!). He introduced me to the world of Thai food (yummy!). He and I just kind of stopped talking. It was right after my divorce so I really don’t know what happened.

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There was another guy D that was a tech nerd but lives too far away. He was nice and he broke up with me. I was happy though since it was a 45 minute drive to see him!

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There was F who is now married with 2 kids. I didn’t want anymore and this had been out 3rd time dating since high school and it was mutual. I couldn’t stand that he loves to grab the fat around my middle and jiggle it. He couldn’t stand that I hated that plus he had 3 cats and my allergies couldn’t take his place. He and I are still friends. He and his family moved up north but he and I still chat every once in a while. His father always told us that we need to get married. When he married his wife, his father was so mad! Sorry Dad, it wasn’t meant to be (I’d called him Dad since I was 16).

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There was C that I met online and dated twice. I broke up with him both times. I don’t even remember the first time but the second time I couldn’t handle him at all. We never had sex although we would sleep in the bed together if he wanted to spend the night. He would need a nap after taking the dog out on a walk. A chiweenie walk too! The laziness on this guy. It was absolutely crazy! He also had this hernia sticking out that he said he couldn’t afford to get fixed and wouldn’t go to a free clinic. That’s so dangerous! But he was happy to sit in front of a computer and run a podcast half the night when I wanted to sleep! Yeah, he had to go.

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There was S. On again, off again, all about sex and going out together. He’s the one that was a swinger and took me to some swinger bar that I wasn’t comfortable at and to some sex shop that had a viewing area upstairs where we had a blast in front of who knows how many strangers. I loved him. I mean really loved that man. He would take me to fancy restaurants, buy me clothes, everything. I felt like I was in that book (Grey something?) without the bad parts. Even after I walked away, I loved him. It took me years to get over him. He was seeing other women though and I’m not into sharing, I had to walk away.

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J who attempted to steal from me and had a porn problem. He stole my external hard drive and downloaded about 100 porn movies onto it, “barely legal” ones at that. When I found the hard drive buried under a bunch of papers in his closet, I kicked him out and immediately deleted every single one of those files. I ran into him at a grocery store a couple years ago. He said hello and I replied goodbye!

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Oh wow. L! He was so in love with me and I think he was a little slow. I shouldn’t have dated him once I found out he lived with his ex wife and her now lesbian lover (wife). He was a nice guy, I admit that. He liked his part time going nowhere job that made $9 and I enjoy having a date every once in a while without having to always pay. After spending money every single time he or I wanted to go out for 6 months, I was done and wrote him a letter to break up and dropped it at his place. I’m sure his ex wife still hates me. Oh well!

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W the personal trainer. I would still love to be with him! It was all about sex and it was all the time. He stretched me in ways I didn’t think was possible! We were having a blast, I didn’t know he was seeing anyone else but he got some girl pregnant. His family made him marry her too. I have run into him a few times. When he sees me, he gives me this HUGE hug and kisses me on the cheek and smiles that gorgeous smile of his and asks how I am. He always promises to call (my number hasn’t changed in years) but I know he won’t and that’s fine. He was and is HOT!

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P in Arizona. Dated him in high school when he was a mess and then a year ago and he’s sober but still a mess. I think the drugs he did way back when messed him up. He says he has adhd but it’s nothing like what my son has so I dont know about that! Very sweet guy. Still in college after 6 years because he keeps changing his mind of what to be. When I visited him in December 2016, I was unhappy there with him and wanted to leave but couldn’t for 3 days so I kept myself busy by cooking for his family (his Dad told me I should have stayed with him), walking to Target every day to get Starbucks and look around, and have him drive me wherever I could walk around by myself safely. It was hell. I love Arizona, I am just never going to tell him if I ever go back.

H is still a sweet guy and I still text him every once in a while but I’m sure you remember him. He was the latest. He has a record and doesn’t think he can get a good job even though I told him a list of a bunch of companies that would hire him. He made my old car nasty to the point that I wouldn’t even get in it. He text me a few days ago asking me to change the date on the title sale and I said no because I had told the state a year ago that I had sold it to him and there’s no way I’m committing fraud. He understood and paid the fees and now the car is in his name. Good for him. He was supposed to pay off the car by helping me at my moms house and he helped a bit but was so slow and usually would accidentally break something else and would have to fix that too which would take extra time. And let me tell you this. When we had sex, sweat dripping onto my face the entire time and “I don’t like other positions” are a HUGE turnoff! Eww!!!

So there you have it. I’ve dated quite a few men over the past 10 years. I can’t remember all of them. Obviously they didn’t mean that much! And people wonder why I would rather stay single??? πŸ˜‚

Saturday exercise and stuff

I went to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the bicycle at levels 2 and 6 plus 25 minutes on legs (not pictured is the thigh adduction machine). Woo hoo! Then I went to the grocery store with my moms and my sons list. All I needed was milk and some healthy snacks. I got some too.

Banana chips – I love bananas but they’re too soft and stick to my teeth. So I got banana chips. Not as healthy but has a gram of protein and only 5g of sugar. They are alright. I like the thinner slices better. The thick ones are very hard for me to munch into.

Sesame sticks – so good and crunchy! 5g of protein and NO sugar! I love these but I don’t like them all the time. I’ll have this bag and not like them for a few months. I’m weird like that.

Fiber One Protein Nut chewy bars chocolate pretzel nut – haven’t tried them yet and they have 10g protein and 5g sugar each.

And of course I have plenty of nuts around to munch on. Peanuts have 7g of protein in each ounce. Cashews have 4g.

Can y’all tell I’m trying to get more protein???

My mom had a coworker come over and put lights on her Christmas tree before she put it away for the year. Let’s just hope the lights don’t go bad during the year after all that work! I had to get her tree out of the bag we put it in and set it back up only to have her friend say she needs it in pieces. πŸ™„

My son wants me to move his bed to the corner of his room. I do agree it would give him more space, and as it’s on these risers and they are not attached, I don’t want to deal with it today. No fun. So he’s been in here complaining that I don’t want to do anything today yet he opens everything I brought home from the store! πŸ™„

I ate my weird lunch of sesame sticks, banana chips, and 2% lactose free chocolate milk (Mootopia brand) at 3pm and I’m trying to wait to eat dinner until 7. I’m hoping that makes me not so hungry when I go to bed at 10 or 11.

I sent out invoices and I did my weekly paperwork for my business. Now I can relax. Since I didn’t watch Netflix the other day, I think I might try to find a movie now.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

First things first

I moved my moms potting station out of her garage and into the patio. It felt like it would fall apart at a moments notice but whatever she wants, right?

Then I moved the cat tree in front of a window and I think they like it!

I’m a bit worn out after that and my heart is beating fast so I’m taking a break for a bit.