An interesting Tuesday

So last night, Home Depot calls my mother and lets her know that they are coming this morning to replace our lower cabinets. Basically, they gave us 12 hours to clean everything out and be ready to have our kitchen taken over by a contractor. So before I took the couple to dinner last night, I took out everything that was in 3 of the cabinets. This morning, I emptied out all of the other drawers and cabinets and just removed a couple of drawers as they’re filled with junk and set the entire drawers aside. The rest of the drawers were pretty organized so they were easy to clean out. The 2 I just set aside were basically junk drawers.

I have asked her to go through all of this stuff of hers while we have to have it out anyway too. She gives me this exasperated look and tells me, “I guess I can.” I cleaned out my stuff before I moved in here. Now it’s her turn. She has these 2 deviled egg trays but she doesn’t make deviled eggs, she has all this outdated cookware that I don’t use so why are we hanging on to it all? She put stuff in boxes but didn’t go through it. 🙄

The guy came and was here all day doing the first step. He will be back tomorrow to do the next step. It’s one guy! That’s it??? So I had to wait to go work out. While my mom was home, I went to take the couple to their dermatologist. Then I went by to see Forgetful who was in a pissed off mood saying that everyone tells her what to do and she’s an attorney and shouldn’t have to stand for it. Umm, sorry?

Speaking of working out, I kind of took yesterday off because I had worked so hard on Sunday. I did a 20 minute YouTube video of sitting exercises while I waited on the couple to eat last night but that’s it. At least I did something, right? Plus I guess I needed a day off since my foot was hurting. I want to get back to the gym today. I’m so scared that I’m wasting money if I don’t go at least 5 times a week!

I was so worried yesterday about not exercising that I was nervous about anything I put in my mouth. I ended up having 100 calories left over. Whew!

I went to the gym after the guy left at 5. I was nervous that the place would be packed but it wasn’t! There was no wait for the bike or the leg machines. I did 42 minutes on the bike and 22 minutes doing legs. Not bad! I should have gone last night but I really didn’t feel like it. I guess we all need a day off sometimes.

I didn’t take any pictures at the gym because there were a lot of people there. They just weren’t using what I needed to use!

Tomorrow I have to spend about 4 hours with Forgetful. She wants to go have lunch and then go to get her hair done. Again. What is it with that generation and getting their hair done so much? Every 4 weeks she gets it cut, colored, and styled. Every other week, she gets her hair styled from where she lives. I wish I could afford $500 a month just on hair!

Y’all have a good night. I have to go downstairs to break the news to my mom that the doors in her garage cannot be used as a front door for our house. They are a double door set and they are not in the correct direction she needs either. Plus she would have to buy a new frame because the doors she wants are twice as heavy as what we have now and the frame won’t hold it. Wow. She’s not going to be happy!

Not sure if I showed you what a mess the little guy made of my toilet paper roll the other day. He just stands by it proudly too!

The other are both cats looking at me like, “What? We didn’t do anything! You left the door open to our newest play area!”

First things first

I moved my moms potting station out of her garage and into the patio. It felt like it would fall apart at a moments notice but whatever she wants, right?

Then I moved the cat tree in front of a window and I think they like it!

I’m a bit worn out after that and my heart is beating fast so I’m taking a break for a bit.


I hadn’t posted yet today because I’ve been a bit busy.

Yesterday after Styled and Forgetful, we went to the symphony and had a great time! My son got a wand and my mom and I both got a Gryffindor scarf 🧣.

I stayed up until almost midnight cleaning the kitchen last night. I got to sleep until 9:30 this morning! Woo hoo! It was SO nice!

Today, I discussed with my Mom what we are going to get rid of downstairs. I will be so happy once we get rid of some of the stuff! I actually asked her about all the candles, dishes, and a multitude of other crap down there. Then I went to multiple stores for food. Went to Costco and got my sons hot dogs and and drinks and a lot of foods we enjoy eating (like cottage cheese and bacon). Then went to Randall’s but they did not have my energy drinks so I just left. I went to Kroger and got everything else on my list. I ended up spending $300 on food and drinks. My Mom wanted champagne for tonight so I got her a little individual bottle and when I got home, she said, “I thought I asked for 2!” Umm, NO and why does she, by herself, need 2 bottles??? My son nor I drink champagne 🍾! Plus she said ice cream but not what kind so I called her from the store and she says, “I was wondering when you would figure out that I didn’t say what kind.” Really? Then why didn’t you call or text??? OMG I got her Dr. Pepper and a bag of almonds without her having to ask and this is what I get in return. This is why I stay in my room most of the time. Probably why my son stays in his too. Just irritating stuff like that is why I was never close to her. If I send someone to the store for me, I am VERY specific on what brand, what product, everything. I’m also trying to get her to eat at home more and since she likes convenience foods, I got some healthy, no preservatives type frozen foods to heat up quickly in the microwave. Now let’s see if she actually eats them! Real good breakfast burrito, Jimmy Dean sausage egg and cheese microwave biscuits, Nancy’s quiche, and Green Giant broccoli steamer bag. These are things she’s been going to fast food places for so if she can just make them at home, it would save money and not have as many calories or sodium! The joys of having a diabetic mother that doesn’t care about what she eats. 🙄

I brought my snack foods to my room because if I don’t, they will be gone so fast it will make my head spin between the 3 of us and my mother shouldn’t be eating any of it. I haven’t eaten yet today (it’s 3pm) so I broke out an individual can of Pringles and a small bag of Ritz Bits cheese crackers. Not healthy but I’m starving and that’s what I want. My son comes in from playing outside and half my box of snacks is now gone into his room. I should have guessed that would happen! I just hope he doesn’t eat them all today. If I don’t specify how much he can have, everything would be gone today. Growing boys eat a lot!!!

I haven’t sent out invoices yet for the week and my clients daughter in law just text me to ask about it so I guess I need to get that done. I’m going to eat first. I got my exercise in yesterday but it doesn’t show I’ve done anything today, probably because my arm was pushing a cart so it’s hard for the watch to track. I was supposed to take today off anyway.

I finally found the Christmas presents I got for the cats when the cat was IN the tree trying to pull something out. The catnip toys were there! So I took some pictures of the animals playing.

I think that’s it so far. I still need to do laundry so that’s next. Then I need to go down and cook for the week. I’m waiting until tonight to do that.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Happy New Years to all. I don’t do resolutions so I’ve been avoiding talking about it. It’s been a good year and a lot happened. I hope 2018 is a calm, healthy, and good year for us all!

Stairs suck!

I had forgotten how much climbing stairs sucks when you’re sick. I get out of breath just coming up them. And I ended up having to climb a lot yesterday since I still had to take care of my dog and eat. No fun!

This morning I am still not 100%. I wish I could take today off too. I’m afraid if I don’t go see Forgetful that she won’t remember me anymore. I also have to take the couple to the grocery store. Plus I need to make money. So there’s that. I may end up taking the day off anyway and just be doubly busy tomorrow. I can’t risk getting old people sick and I may need one more day in bed.

All of my bills are paid, I have $100 left in the bank. Technically I probably could take another day off, I’m just scared that missing 2 days will hurt me in the long run. I’m finally coughing yucky stuff up so I know I’m going to get better today or tomorrow. So I’ll make myself a deal. Since I don’t have to go anywhere before 11, I will shower, relax, and then see how I feel before I go anywhere.

My son got a 65 on that project of a cell. A lovely reader, AJ, who is a teacher, told me to have him talk to his teacher about how he can raise that grade. So I’m going to tell him that this morning. Let’s just hope he does it! Otherwise, he has A’s and B’s so far this progress report. Such a smart kid. We know he got that from me and not his father! 😂

I still enjoy waking up to everybody’s comments. So many of you have expressed how you hope I feel better soon and I really appreciate that! So much that I mentioned it to my mother and she, who is not really computer savvy, said, “That’s nice. I hope you didn’t tell strangers where you live.” OMG 😮 Mother, yes, of course I did. I told them I live in Houston. Hehehe She wasn’t too appreciative of my sarcasm but oh well. It’s not like I post pictures of my house with the number on it.

See? No house numbers!

I somehow got all 3 of our animals together for a picture so I wanted to share it.

Too cute. Just don’t mind all the crap in the rest of the picture! We are still working on clearing stuff out. I almost said her stuff but I’m not trying to throw all of her stuff away, I just don’t think we need so much furniture and chairs. This part of the house is pretty cleaned out already so you may not see any clutter which is a good thing!

That’s it for today. I hope everyone has a great Thursday. I may just be hanging out on the reader page of this or watching Slasher on Netflix if I don’t go to work.

Long busy day

Stayed up late last night (you may have noticed). I am still in shock. We actually won the World Series! I’m so excited about that. They are even having a parade here tomorrow for our team! I got the story from ABC 13 news app.

Today I am booked from 10a-9p. First the couple to their doctor in a suburb of Houston. I’ve told you how much fun it is for me to take both of them. Then Forgetful which is a whole different paragraph. Then Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss to dinner. Obviously Mr. 95 year old did not go to his club last night. He decided to stay home to watch the game. I’m SO glad he did!

Forgetful started calling me yesterday afternoon about her cat. She called like 3 times. Her cat is sick, I need to come take her and the cat to the vet. She needs to go now. So at that time I was still booked for the evening so I told her I can’t until today. I don’t think the cat is actually sick, I think it is stressed from the 3 moves she’s made in the past 3 months. Forgetful tends to overfeed the cats as well (like 3 cans of wet food a day plus 2 things of dry food out) so it may just be that there was plenty of food and Forgetful just thinks he cat isn’t eating because it’s already had enough. I’m not a vet, I would never claim to be one. I HAVE owned cats most of my life and know that they go through stages. BUT, she wants her cat to go to the vet. So I called the daughter who got it set up for the cat to be picked up this morning. Then I will take Forgetful to pick her cat up this afternoon. She has cute cats so I want them to be okay too.

Anyway, my dog just scratched on my door and I guess that means she wants to go out. And I’m getting texts about Thanksgiving from cranky’s son already this morning!Y’all have a great day!

Sunday night & Monday morning

Yesterday evening, I had to stop everything because of a migraine, the second one yesterday after waking up with one. 30 minutes after I took 4 Advil to get rid of the headache, I had a temperature! What’s up with that? So I still made my son’s biscuits for breakfast but that was it. I was going to make tacos and pigs in a blanket. Oh well. I took NyQuil around 9pm and was passed out before 10. So when I woke up this morning, I was SO happy to see that the Astros WON!!!! We are up 3 games to 2. One more and we win!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?

This morning, I feel like crap still and have 2 jobs. I tried to hand one off to the couples daughter in law but she has another appointment. Forgetful is only one hour so I will take some DayQuil and do that, I’ll just stay away from her face. Taking the couple to a doctor appointment is very difficult when I’m feeling well so that would be too much for me. I don’t know what to do about that. Not many people can handle 2 people at once. Hell, I can barely handle them! Open all doors to their van. Go grab a wheelchair for the wife and place it next to her open door. Then open the back of the van and get the husbands scooter for him. Then you have to park the van, come back to get the wife in her wheelchair, and get them to their appointment on time. I’m just not sure I can do it today feeling like this.

I got my son a laser pointer and the girl cat has been having a blast with it, she will chase it all over the house. The boy cat is scared of it and runs away every time my son pulls it out. The dog just doesn’t care about it. Speaking of my dog, she’s all of a sudden walking really slow and shaking more although still licking is and loving on us like usual. I’m hoping she just needs her nails cut. It’s been about 3 weeks since the last time. I’ll find out this morning.

So yeah. That’s it. I’m taking my son to school and then come home to try and fix the shower curtain rod that fell after his shower last night so I can shower and get ready for the day. Maybe that will help me feel better. We shall see. Have a great day!

Happy Saturday although not really

Good morning! It’s finally cold here in Houston! It’s in the 40’s and will warm up into the 60’s today. That’s Fahrenheit too. 6 Celsius with a high of 16. Its great! My nipples feel like they will fall off because this the first actual cold day but that feeling will go away (next summer 😜).

Last night, I was able to watch the nail biter of the 3rd Astros/Dodgers game of the World Series. We won, again. 😃 I’m telling you guys, that uber driver may have had it right! If we win tonight, we will be ahead 3 games to one and could actually pull off a World Series win for the first time ever! It would be because our players are awesome and they are helping to coach each other. When friends help friends, things just seem to go better. The Astros know what they’re doing. Yay!

I had a pop up job yesterday helping out my cousin. She had to go out of town (about 40 miles away) and needed someone to check in on her husband. So I did. He’s 89 and not in good health but I love that old man. He was always good to me growing up even though he was a very busy surgeon. I also took Forgetful to Carrabba’s for lunch which she enjoyed until we went back and her caregiver was waiting for her. The lunch had taken a bit too long and I had to leave to get back to my cousin so I called her. Forgetful said, “Why are you here? Can’t I come back from a nice lunch without someone to follow me back?” Oops! But I really had no choice. I told her I would see her today and she said okay.

Today is going to be BUSY!!!

First, stinky. I may have to come up with a new name because after getting her new shoes and having her wear socks, she doesn’t really stink much anymore which is a great thing! I am still not thrilled about getting up early on a Saturday to take her to get her hair done though.

Second, lunch with Forgetful. Her step daughter in law wanted me to go daily at lunchtime so that’s what I’ve been doing. It actually helps me because normally, I have nothing around lunch (although I will this Monday). She’s always happy to see me now so I like going. She does complain quite often about her situation and asks why is she there, but she’s always happy to see me!

Third, I have a new client. Her son tells me she hates everybody, no matter what race or religion they are. He’s tried them all (his words) and she’s just rude to everyone. That will be a 4 hour job.

Last, I have Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss. They want to go to some restaurant halfway to our downtown stadiums where we not only have the Astros playing tonight but so are the Rockets (basketball)! Traffic might be a nightmare but I still gotta do it.

So yes, today is busy. Thank goodness I am OFF tomorrow!!! I would like to sleep in.I was going to wake up at 7am today to leave at 8:30 but guess what. My alarm went off at 6! I didn’t go to sleep until 11 because the game was that long too. So on top of everything else, I’m a bit overly tired too. Thank goodness I haven’t quit drinking energy drinks yet!

Speaking of my bad habits. I didn’t smoke much yesterday because I was mostly at my cousins house or with Forgetful. I would have last night when I got home but my mother was downstairs reading and watching tv and you can only walk your dog so much before she gets suspicious (I know I’m 44 but I just don’t want to hear it). So I maybe had 7 or 8 yesterday. Today will probably be a repeat of that since I’m so busy. It’s a good thing but you know you’re addicted to nicotine when it’s 40 degrees outside and you put on 4 layers (bra, shirt, sweater, jacket) to go out there and smoke. Yep. I did that this morning!

So that’s it today. I will try and be more entertaining tomorrow when I am not having to work. I can tell you that I was getting dressed and heard this scratching noise at my door. I used my phone light to check because I knew my dog was asleep in my bed. Wouldn’t you know, there was a tiny white paw under the door! Those 2 are ready to play this early in the morning! Crazy 6 month old cats.