My poor aching feet!

Yes, my feet hurt. Not as bad as they did last night and they don’t actually hurt, they ache. And I’m going to go with it’s because they have to carry all this weight around everyday. But why does my butt hurt? I haven’t fallen on it, I don’t plop down when I sit, nothing, but the area around my tailbone is killing me today! It hurts to sit down! Maybe I’m losing weight there first since I’m walking? I’m just hurting today and I’m glad I’m off tomorrow. I need to figure out this drip in the washer still too!

I lost a pound this week. Go me! So after that weight gain a few weeks ago, I only have 43 to go! I don’t mind losing slowly, maybe it will stay off that way. My goal this week is to hit all of my goals every single day. Here they are.


  • Do 10,000 steps a day.
  • Do 30 minutes of vigorous exercise each day (like walking at a fast pace).
  • Stay within my calories – I get 2,100 a day so I should be able to although it’s hard some days.
  • Hit the stand goal of 13 hours a day (that just means you weren’t sitting for an entire hour).
  • Hit my move calorie goal each day (I’ve doubled it a few times).

Since I got my watch, I’ve missed those goals more than once. This week, I missed my step goal on Tuesday by under 1,000 steps. Yes, it’s still bugging me. I started the week on Monday for this goal adventure after not hitting goals last Sunday, so I have a few more days to go to do this to see if I can meet every goal. Since I missed it on Tuesday, I will step it up next week and do it all over. I really want to make this a daily thing! Even if I can’t do it perfectly, try try again, right?

Today, I have Styled to get her hair and nails done as usual and then I have to go see Forgetful. Her step daughter in law asked for me to meet her there too. I think she wants to give me a Christmas present. She’s very sweet like that.

I still need to remake those cookies and make the Christmas wreath cookies. Standing in the kitchen hurts my feet more than the walking I do! I blame the tile floor. Speaking of the cookies! So my screw up wasn’t that bad! I took them to the retirement home to pick up Forgetful yesterday at lunchtime and asked all of the people eating lunch if they would like a gingerbread or lemon cookie. First of all, the young concierge at the front desk loved the lemon cookies – she didn’t like chocolate on it so she took those off but she ate like 4 of them! I had no cookies when I left. It was wonderful!!! Saying they were lemon cookies worked out well. And the older generation doesn’t really have a peanut butter allergy so I didn’t have to worry about that either. They went over well and some of the ladies said I was making everyone’s day. How is that for sweet?

My mother came home yesterday around 5pm. Glad I ended up not having friends come by. That wouldn’t have worked out too well. Plus this place is nowhere near ready to have people over. I need to get rid of half the furniture before I feel comfortable with friends seeing it.

I have to get dressed for work, walk the dog, and get moving so y’all have a good Saturday!

I’m up! I promise!

We overslept yesterday, oops. Still got my son to school on time though so yay me. I didn’t get to shower before The Godfather came over so I had to wait until he was done fixing my toilet paper holder to get in the shower and he didn’t do that until he did the chandelier on the stairs. πŸ™„ But I finally got to shower and he pulled the wreath for Forgetful out of the attic so I’m happy. He had to take this pull out drawer home with him to cut it so he’s coming back this morning to finish up. My mom wanted her printer to be on a pull out drawer so she could fit a shelf above the printer and still be able to open the scanner part. Not a bad idea. She also thought she had holes in her tv area and wanted the cords in them but there are no holes so he has to come bring tools to do that for her too.

I took said wreath to Forgetful and hung it on her door. I will have to take a picture of it later today. I think it’s ugly but she said she liked it. Okey dokey then! We had lunch (she ate, I drank water) and I left to go shopping for my mom again.

My mom wanted me to go to Dick’s and get her an World Series Astros shirt that says H-town on it. The shirts are already half price so I got her a blue one and an orange one. She’s happy with them so goody!

I don’t feel like I got enough exercise yesterday either. Don’t get me wrong, I pushed myself just enough and got my 10,000 steps. The back of my thighs were killing me all day and I was tired. I think it was going up and down all the stairs! I also forgot to eat breakfast so while I was out shopping for my mom, I stopped and got a taco. It was so good!!! Not good to miss breakfast, but worth saving a few extra calories to eat out. And it wasn’t a fast food taco, I went to a restaurant and sat at the bar for my taco. Yummy! I didn’t hit anywhere near my calorie goal either. Maybe I need to eat more. I had 560 calories left last night when I went to bed. I even took my time and ate some peanut butter crackers to add calories!

So today I am going to see Miss Priss! She called me on Sunday (I am off on Sundays people – please don’t call me!) and asked if I could take her today. Sure. She wants me to pick her up at 9am even though stores she wants to go to don’t open until 10. That’s fine with me. I will take that extra hour of pay!

I will see Forgetful at lunchtime. Then to visit Cranky. I am trying to check on her more because I believe the caregivers need an hour of talking to someone else and I do like checking on her and seeing what’s going on over there (plus I love her view).

That’s it! I hope you guys are enjoying my black and white photos in my other daily post. I bet you can guess what today’s is. It is my view of my downtown city from where I live. I gotta get moving so I can take my son to school on time today and get back here for The Godfather before work!

You’re killing me Smalls!

Okay, yes, I stole that line from a movie although I cannot for the life of me remember what movie it is!

That Body Pump class. OH MY GOD. I thought I was dying! My neighbor and I did the elliptical machine for 3 minutes (that killed my knees) and the treadmill for 10 before walking downstairs to the class. First off, it’s not hand weights, it’s a barbell! So you have the weight of the bar plus the weight of the weights you add to it!

And you have to hold it on the back of your neck for some of the exercises! That hurt so bad so I did those particular exercises without the bar. I also skipped out of push ups (I just can’t do them with bad knees). Otherwise, I did everything she asked! I started out with 5 pound weights but after a while, switched them out with 2.5 pound weights. That was the only way I was able to do the entire 55 minute class. I’m proud of myself and I am SURE I will hurt in the morning! When the class was over, I checked and saw I only had 8,000 steps for the day. Eek! Even though I did the class, I wanted my 10,000 steps for the day too. So I walked the dog. And I walked her again. I went above and beyond once again so I’m feeling pretty good!

I can’t sleep which sucks since I have to be up at 6. It may be because I was feeling good earlier and was dancing around my room for like 15 minutes so maybe I just need a bit more relaxing time in order to go to sleep.

I got my Bluetooth headphones today and they are SO cool! They stay in my ears, they have great sound, and they came with a carrying case and a car charger. Totally worth the $20 spent.

All I have to do tomorrow is go see Forgetful so it will be a good slow day. The Godfather is coming over bright and early to help my mom install her new lamps and even get on a ladder on her stairs to change lightbulbs on her chandelier. She also had a friend of mine come clean the carpets today. Let me tell you, my mom had stains from my dad’s bladder cancer surgery drainage bags on her carpet (sorry for the TMI) and my friend got those out in like ONE minute! He went above and beyond and did all 3 bedrooms, the upstairs hallway, and the stairs for $100. He is awesome! He won’t allow me to put his name down for fear the company he works for will freak out so I won’t. He’s really good at his job though!

I would have gone to sleep at 10 but my ex husband called to let me know he’s moving in with some weird girl and her husband. I have met the girl a few times and have no intention of ever meeting her husband. And if my ex thinks my son is going near them, HA! He was telling me that he will start paying child support soon because they are going to charge him very little to rent out a room at their house. Good luck with that dude! I seriously doubt he will pay anything either. He has never paid on his own. The only time I ever got anything was when his job pulled it out before paying him. That was years ago too. We shall see. Maybe he will shock me.

Anyway, time for me to go to bed. To all of my friends reading this that have just started your Monday, have a great day and to us over here, go to sleep already! Why are you still awake???

Apple 🍎 🍏

I decided to go with the Apple Watch. I can answer texts off my iPhone, have my calendar vibrate that I need to leave for a job, as well as track meals, exercise, and sleep. So it will work well for me. Well, I guess I’ll find out. I talked to a couple of friends with Fitbit and Apple Watch yesterday and that helped make my decision. Now to set it all up and get moving!

According to the Apple health app on my phone, I walked a BUNCH of steps and climbed a few flights of stairs. I didn’t have my phone on me for 2 flights of stairs or walking around the house for an hour while I charged my phone but that’s okay. I think it went well for my first real day of trying! I logged my food and only went over by 5 calories so I’m not complaining there either!

Now all I need to do is make those steps every day plus climb more stairs. I will get into actual going out for exercise (aka walking) when I’m not crazy busy like today.

I am with Styled at her attorneys office right now. Then she needs to run errands. Hopefully I will drop her off with enough time to go home to eat lunch before going to see the couple and take them to the doctor. I’m pretty sure they will want to go get food on their way home too, they usually do. Then I will go pick up Forgetful and take her to dinner somewhere. Or maybe I will just sit with her while she eats dinner at her retirement home. I would rather eat at home so I know I don’t go over on calories! Plus I’m trying to finish all the food we have before it spoils and definitely before I cook other stuff. And it’s healthy with all 4 major food groups so yes, I should eat at home.

While I’m waiting for Styled, I walked to the convenience store down the street and bought a bottle of Smart water. I love that stuff! That way I also wasn’t just sitting around to wait. I ended up getting an extra 500 steps. Yay me!

My son has 3 weeks left of school before the Christmas holidays. Must be nice. I’m usually a bit slow during this time of year but not this week! I’m glad about that. I will slow down closer to Christmas though and that’s okay, I want to be home more when my son isn’t in school. I know my Mom will be working extra since she’s in retail so it’s better if I’m at home. That’s one of those reasons I started doing this business anyway!

I hope everyone is having a good week. I’m trying to! I have a total of 40 pounds to lose (I had gained 5 since I weighed myself the last time – eek!). That’s what I’m up to.

Here we go!

So I’m starting up again trying to be a bit healthier. I am going to charge my Fitbit and wear it too so I can track exercise. I thought about asking for an Apple Watch for Christmas but I don’t know if I’d wear it since they are these big squares on your wrist. Plus I have a regular watch. So I don’t know.

I tracked my food for the first time in quite a few months yesterday. I only went over my goal calories by 400. LOL I am trying harder today. I am drinking more water too, my doctor would be VERY happy about that!

The reason for this change is because my good cholesterol was 4 points too low for my doctors liking. My bad cholesterol was a great number, now she just wants to raise the HDL a little. Plus I was a bit anemic. So, more exercise and eating more protein. On the plus side, even though I had an energy drink that morning before blood work, I am not even pre-diabetic! My sugar level was what she called “desirable”. And that’s after a sugary drink??? Hmmm… I’m not telling. πŸ˜‚

Work today: I took the husband of the couple to the bank and grocery store this morning. For the first time ever, there were not many people there! I was amazed. I told him we always need to come this early and he thinks it’s because of the holiday last week. We usually go in the afternoon so who’s right? Who knows!

I went to see Forgetful at lunch. She told me she wants to go see her doctor (we went week before last) and her step kids never visit her (they just saw her for Thanksgiving). I would hate to be in her position. I feel for her!

Now I’m at home to eat lunch, walk the dog, and pack up some food to go visit Cranky and have dinner with her. I have to talk to her today about letting her cat go live with someone else. He bit her again the other night, twice. I have a home for the cat, I just need to make Cranky understand why it’s happening before I let the girl take the cat home. I keep wondering if he’s doing it to make sure she’s alive but her son says no.

My son decided what he wants to do for his 13th birthday next summer. He wants to get a game bus to come over and let him and his friends play. It seems really cool. 6 huge tv screens, every game system, and most games. It can hold 28 kids so I think that sounds good. I can grill hotdogs and hamburgers outside the bus so if anyone gets hungry, there’s food too. Now I just need to figure out the date and time. Having a summer birthday is hard for parties since a lot of kids leave town during the summer.

Hope you have a great day. Chat soon!

Back to school!

My son got an entire week off for Thanksgiving and has to go back to school today. He’s in denial about it too. He’s letting his alarm go off and not even turning it off. I can hear it from my room!

I’m going to get the title on the car changed this morning, yay! All I have today is Forgetful so I may as well get that done too. Did I ever tell you how the tint came out? It looks great! They have made so many new tinting developments since I got it on my last vehicle. Now they have a tint that rejects heat! It’s really nice having it on my car. I would have done a clear heat blocking one on my windshield but since I may have to replace the windshield in the next year or two I didn’t want to spend the money for that. The bad part is that I am not allowed to roll down my windows or wash them for another 2 days. It’s been 3 already. It’s driving me nuts! I don’t smoke in the car, I want to get the hot air out of the car so my a/c will work better. Yesterday I drove 2 miles before the air finally started getting cool. Yuck! That’s my next thing to work on. And yes, in most places north of the equator it’s winter but here yesterday it was 80 degrees.

So we are awake and getting ready to start moving around. My Mom said she is working today too but I think she just meant working around the house. I’ve been trying to see when she will be here or not so I can schedule my time accordingly. I’m not trying to avoid her necessarily. I do kind of miss being in my own place and not having to talk to people or get woken up by the laundry being started outside my bedroom! Okay, I am trying to avoid her just a little. At least she’s eating at home now! She seems to like the food I’m making. It’s disappearing.

Gotta get in the shower and get moving. Have a great day!

Losing weight

Is tough. Gaining it was easy. I know I’ve touched on my weight before but I am giving you guys the details now. I have been watching My 600 lb life and it has brought up a lot of memories.

In January 1997, I weighed 406 pounds.

How I got there was a series of events. Since I was in 7th grade, my mother put me on fad diets. Oprah Winfrey shakes, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, etc. I would lose weight and as soon as I stopped the diet, would gain it all back plus more. I was 250 pounds at 14. I also had genetics towards being overweight. My biological mother was a big woman herself.

In high school, my mom would try to make me diet but I also got an allowance each week. I would take my money and walk to the convenience store down the street and buy candy and whatever I wanted. I would eat it all before I walked back to the house so she would never catch me. When I graduated high school, I was at 300 pounds. I worked, I lived on my own, I drove. I started using drugs thinking I would lose weight plus be high. Well that didn’t work! I just kept getting bigger. So when I took my mom on vacation to North Carolina (we are both big fans of Biltmore House and Gardens) in 1996, I told her I was looking at weight loss surgery. My insurance at my travel job would pay for it too so it was win win.

My senior prom picture and my best friend in high school and I my senior year.

So I got with NuWeigh and saw a shrink and was approved for surgery. I went under the knife in January 1997. I was 23 years old. I still have a scar although it’s not very noticeable. This was WAY before the doctors came up with the gastric bypass and only making 3 small holes in a persons stomach. Mine was called gastroplasty. It is a band with staples underneath. They had to cut me open to do it. The band does not move and I’ve never had a problem with it. They also removed my gallbladder at the same time telling me it was full of stones.

I lost a lot. I have never stretched out my pouch (that’s what they call your stomach after surgery). If I eat too much, I will throw up. If I don’t eat all day, I will get sick after 2 bites. I am still 200 pounds. About 25 of it is excess skin. So I still look fat too. Which I hate. I do not want another surgery cost so I deal with the skin. It’s all over my body. Flabby underarms, between my legs, as well as stomach skin hanging.

I had my son. I gained then. I’ve lost since then. It takes time.

This show gives these people the excess skin surgery. What they don’t tell is – who paid for all that? The hospital wants me to pay $15,000 IF I donate the skin to burn victims and I would be happy to give them all this skin but I can’t pay that much! I can’t even pay $1,000. I would not be able to work or take care of my kid. Therefore would not be able to pay bills either. Not good!

I’m just tired of people looking at me and commenting about how little I eat and if I don’t eat much, why aren’t I thin? I don’t know the answer to this. What am I supposed to do? I am okay with how I look. I came from being a huge person to a mostly normal person. Why are people so cruel?