My poor aching feet!

Yes, my feet hurt. Not as bad as they did last night and they don’t actually hurt, they ache. And I’m going to go with it’s because they have to carry all this weight around everyday. But why does my butt hurt? I haven’t fallen on it, I don’t plop down when I sit, nothing, but the area around my tailbone is killing me today! It hurts to sit down! Maybe I’m losing weight there first since I’m walking? I’m just hurting today and I’m glad I’m off tomorrow. I need to figure out this drip in the washer still too!

I lost a pound this week. Go me! So after that weight gain a few weeks ago, I only have 43 to go! I don’t mind losing slowly, maybe it will stay off that way. My goal this week is to hit all of my goals every single day. Here they are.


  • Do 10,000 steps a day.
  • Do 30 minutes of vigorous exercise each day (like walking at a fast pace).
  • Stay within my calories – I get 2,100 a day so I should be able to although it’s hard some days.
  • Hit the stand goal of 13 hours a day (that just means you weren’t sitting for an entire hour).
  • Hit my move calorie goal each day (I’ve doubled it a few times).

Since I got my watch, I’ve missed those goals more than once. This week, I missed my step goal on Tuesday by under 1,000 steps. Yes, it’s still bugging me. I started the week on Monday for this goal adventure after not hitting goals last Sunday, so I have a few more days to go to do this to see if I can meet every goal. Since I missed it on Tuesday, I will step it up next week and do it all over. I really want to make this a daily thing! Even if I can’t do it perfectly, try try again, right?

Today, I have Styled to get her hair and nails done as usual and then I have to go see Forgetful. Her step daughter in law asked for me to meet her there too. I think she wants to give me a Christmas present. She’s very sweet like that.

I still need to remake those cookies and make the Christmas wreath cookies. Standing in the kitchen hurts my feet more than the walking I do! I blame the tile floor. Speaking of the cookies! So my screw up wasn’t that bad! I took them to the retirement home to pick up Forgetful yesterday at lunchtime and asked all of the people eating lunch if they would like a gingerbread or lemon cookie. First of all, the young concierge at the front desk loved the lemon cookies – she didn’t like chocolate on it so she took those off but she ate like 4 of them! I had no cookies when I left. It was wonderful!!! Saying they were lemon cookies worked out well. And the older generation doesn’t really have a peanut butter allergy so I didn’t have to worry about that either. They went over well and some of the ladies said I was making everyone’s day. How is that for sweet?

My mother came home yesterday around 5pm. Glad I ended up not having friends come by. That wouldn’t have worked out too well. Plus this place is nowhere near ready to have people over. I need to get rid of half the furniture before I feel comfortable with friends seeing it.

I have to get dressed for work, walk the dog, and get moving so y’all have a good Saturday!

Exercise yesterday

I forgot to give my daily update on exercise. I didn’t quite hit 10,000 steps but I did get my 30 minutes of fast walking in.

Not too bad. I’m doing harder today. I really want to hit all the goals from my watch plus 10,000 steps daily.

I went outside at 10pm thinking I would get my last 1,000 steps in but I wasn’t dressed warmly enough to do anything but walk in place and smoke as fast as I could. I didn’t want to go outside the gate into the wind!

I just ate lunch of cheese and crackers (my favorite easy lunch) and headed out. I was going to stop at this one convenience store for a drink and there were NO parking spaces! So I went to the gas station because I really need a drink while I wait on Forgetful to get her hair done. I walked in and they have my FAVORITE candy, peanut butter Twix!!!! I can’t seem to find it anywhere! I was so excited I had to buy one even though I don’t want it right now. They also had my energy drinks, Full Throttle original, so I got one of those and my favorite water, Smart Water. I think I’m ready for whatever this day can throw at me. I don’t want to jinx myself. I’m a happy camper and ready to get this day on.

I got my nails done too. The color is called Santa’s Snow. Let me know what you think!

Chat later! See ya!

Aww man!!!

My mom was supposed to leave today. She’s not going now. Her coworker that was going with her is sick so now she’s not going. 😫

I only have one job today and I was going to bake cookies. I don’t want to bake with her sitting there. I can’t do what I want (listen to music and watch movies) while her tv is going too. I’m taking Forgetful to get her hair done. Fun fun. Driving around with her telling me I don’t know where I’m going and such.

I started watching cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix. Right now I have nothing else to do. I am charging the rest of my electronics so I’m laying in bed which is nice. I already took my son to school and it’s nice and quiet.

Oh! I have to fix my commode today. The lift bar decided to crap out last night. It can’t be that hard to fix. My moms washer is dripping and I’m not sure if it’s from me stopping it a few minutes early or there’s a leak. I need to do some laundry and find out. So I have stuff to do, I’m just not ready to get up yet.

Y’all have a great day!

Morning 😀

Well good morning! I woke up at 5am and got up, went potty, drank 8 ounces of water, and then got back in bed to play games on my phone. I took my son to school, came home and had an unhealthy breakfast of an energy drink and 3 small sugar cookies (I made them last night), and now am ready to get moving. Smaller plates really does look like bigger portions.

I think I did well yesterday. I hit my step goal, exercise goal, even food goal!

Today I will do it again. Maybe I need to up my numbers because I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks and I gained those 2 pounds last week and am afraid to get on my scale yet!

Today I take Styled to the dentist and visit Forgetful for lunch. That’s it! It’s my slow time of year when I don’t make much but still have bills to pay plus presents for the kiddo and mother. It’s not easy! Well, this year my son is getting what he asked for because it’s the first time I actually can. Next year, he probably won’t get much of anything since I’ll be broke again. The bills will be paid though so I am not complaining!

I only made the sugar cookies yesterday but I got out my moms mixer so I can do the rest of the cookies. Holiday time and making all these cookies makes me want to eat them so I’ve either got to resist the temptation or exercise more. I haven’t figured out which one I want to do yet. I’m definitely making the cookies though. I have some friends that have told me it’s not Christmas until I bring them cookies. Isn’t that sweet? I stopped giving them out to everyone when my kitchen started to look like it had been taken over by said cookies a few years ago but I still give them to a select few.

That’s it for now, I forgot to tell my mom about a call for her I got! See ya!

Another Monday?

I decided that yesterday would be MY day. I didn’t exercise much. I didn’t even cook anything but the burgers (which are REALLY tasty too). Hell, I didn’t even shower. Gross, right? It was my day. I did wash the dishes, make the burgers on the George Foreman grill, then washed everything I used again. I also got rid of all the crap on the kitchen counters. Why does anyone need 3 huge unused containers just sitting there??? I asked my mom this and she says, I could fill them. With what exactly? They don’t close well, they are metal, and they are huge! What would you put in there? So she said she will find a place for them and having the counter space is nice.

Today I am going to shower first including shaving. Then I have to take a clients car to be washed (special request from the couple), and then stop by to see Forgetful. That’s it. My mother is off today and tomorrow so she is continuing to clean out all the crap in her bedroom. She leaves for Dallas at some point this week. Is it wrong that I’m a bit excited about having 2 full days where I don’t have to worry about anything and can just be me? I don’t even mind having to clean the litter box! I’m going to have a couple friends stop by to see where I am now. I need to make some snacks for them. One couple I’d like to have over is vegan so I really have to think! They would say don’t do anything but this is me, I always have something!

I found some cookie recipes on Allrecipes and I’m thinking I might make some. They sound really good!

Not sure if I will do all of them but they look like a new challenge for me, especially the macaroons! I’ve seen bakers on The Great British Baking Show even have issues with them. I just want to try. Why not?

And who doesn’t want gingerbread at Christmas? The princess cookies and cyclops (is that really the name of these?) look delicious too!

Now to find a vegan cookie recipe! You guys have seen me. Do I look like I would eat vegan? 😂 These look pretty easy to make and good too! Guess I’ll find out! It’s cookie making time! Well, not right at this instant, but this week!

That’s it for today. I have a couple of jobs each day this week so in my spare time, I’ll go to the store for ingredients, bake, and post what I make. I am definitely making those lemon squares too!

I did it!

I did what I said I would do! The issue I have now is I gained 2 pounds. How did that happen? Hopefully it’s like a gain before you lose thing because I had dropped 4 and now gained 2. Not cool.

I believe my mother is getting sick of us now. Yesterday I asked her to pick up my son at school since it was 36 degrees. She did. When she picked him up, she told him “we are going to discount tire”. He asked if she would drop him off on the way and not even having to turn down our street, he would walk from the main road. She refused and drove on. He called me and asked when I was getting off work. Since I just had left the couple, I said I can come get you since the couple lives 3 minutes from discount tire. I start driving there because who knows how long it will take her. It took me 3 hours when I went! I get there and pick up my son with no grandma in sight. I asked him where she was and he said, “Oh. She left.” HUH? She left my child at a store by himself on a busy street???? Thankfully she had only left a minute before I picked him up and we passed her on our way home and we even beat her here (I know shortcuts). You do not leave a child, he may be 12 and 5’8 but still a child, alone! So I’m pissed at her and she’s pissed at his attitude and pissed that I was willing to pick him up. Oh my GOD mother! So my son told me last night that no matter what the weather, if I can’t pick him up due to work, he’s going to walk with other kids from school. I don’t blame him! She asked me why I picked him up and I asked her in return why did you just leave him there. No answer to that one! He did get to see the gun range where I got the membership and he’s happy it’s close by and now can’t wait to go.

Yesterday I went to my appointment at the breast examination place. I was there in July for my mammogram and got sent a letter stating they need more tests. No specifics, just that. So after being scared and nervous (I mentioned it in a post way back then I think), I finally went back. They did different pictures yesterday and then an ultrasound. I was there almost 2 hours. After the ultrasound, they had me sit and wait for the doctor. He walks in, sits down, looks at me, and says, “You do not have breast cancer. You have a mole under your skin that confused the test reader and required you to have these extra tests.” THANK YOU GOD! I’m safe for another year. He told me since I was here this month, I don’t need another test until next December. Woo hoo!

Then I took Forgetful to pick up cat food and go to Whole Foods for lunch. We all ate at their salad bar. I guess she and her caregiver didn’t understand what I meant by the cost goes by the weight of your container because their lunch was so stuffed full, they both took half home and their meals were $11 and $13! Crazy! My little salad was $5.70. Oh well. I know I will get paid back from her kid, I just hate spending like that. I always watch what I get at places like salad bars because I know they will weigh it and charge. Whatever. 🙄

Then I took the husband from the couple out on errands. I’m glad I did him last because I had a feeling he wanted to go multiple places. First the pharmacy. Drive through, that’s fine. Then the fresh food place. $320 spent there on foods that you probably already have at home but whatever, he bought me a chocolate walnut cookie so I was excited. Then by the bank and then the grocery store where you had 4 things on your list but you spent over $300 including 6 bottles of wine. Okay. That was 3 hours total but since he had overpaid me last time, he only paid me for 2 yesterday. I hate when he does that. I deal with it though, like usual. No tip from them lately either, I guess the cookie was my tip. 😂

Today I have Styled to go get her hair and nails done and then Forgetful. That’s it today for work. I will come home to meet Xfinity because our internet went out last night and never came back. I called them last night and they said according to their system, it has been acting up going off on its own for 2 months and they would come out and get it fixed today. That’s amazing. The next day??? Usually it’s a week! AND the lady on the phone gave my mom a $25 credit for the hassle. I’m amazed. At my old place, I could never get a technician to come out before a week had gone by and then they would charge me. Maybe it’s because my mom is “elderly?” She’s not but her age sounds like it plus the fact that I called it in for her. Who knows but I’m happy with their service for once!

That’s my day in a nutshell. Not too bad. I just hope it goes to plan. For once in my life. So probably not. Have a great day!

Not good yesterday 😐

I ate too much and didn’t get any exercise at all! I meant to. It was really cold and wet though and I couldn’t go out to walk. The news said we had a possibility of snow overnight. Yeah right. 1. It’s not even close to 32 degrees. 2. Houston? Snow? 😂🤣 Yeah right! 3. I was WRONG!!!! It snowed! I actually went out in it to take a picture and video to prove it actually was snowing in Houston!!!

On the plus side, I did make 200 posts already! Woo hoo! Over 300 follows and 200 posts? Wow. Seriously guys, I never thought I would keep up with a blog and really never thought anyone would want to read it! Thank you so much! I love your thoughts and the likes. You guys are awesome!

So I took my son in to the dentist. He had 1 cavity. The dentist pulled his remaining 4 baby teeth too using laughing gas. He didn’t like the numbing shot but didn’t complain much at all until the orthodontist took forever to get in to us. So come to find out, his jaw is too small and they have to expand it before they can put braces on him. They took an impression of his top teeth and we have to go back next month to have the expander thing put in his mouth. I will have to turn it daily for 2 weeks and then we go in and get his braces on. This does not sound like fun! Plus not only does he have an overbite, his bite is sideways. They are going to have to fix all of that! In order to write it all off on my taxes, I paid for it so I don’t have to deal with that anymore. All we have to do now is go in and get it all done. So I’m WAY broke now but as long as he takes care of his teeth, he will have great teeth as he gets older which is good.

I tell my mom all this last night and she tells me about her family and how they all had small jaws and it made me laugh since I’M ADOPTED and her family has nothing to do with my kids mouth! 😂😂😂

I swear I will be back on track today. I have to. If it’s still cold and wet, I will have to go to the gym. Yuck but if I have to, I have to. I kind of missed my walk last night.

I have my breast ultrasound at 8:45 this morning, then 2 jobs if the roads are safe. The snow wasn’t sticking to the ground when I went out but that doesn’t mean it won’t be like that this morning. Sleepy’s son text me tonight asking if I was available tomorrow for a final Friday. Really??? I told you last Friday that I had to give you notice and you never answered me! So I booked other clients. So I actually told him that “since I never heard back from you, I booked other people”. He never answered. What a dumb ass. I’m glad to be done with him. I like her though! It’s not her fault he can’t do anything right! If you don’t communicate, I can’t help you though.

I watched Tropic Thunder last night too as well as Sing and Mauna. I still love kids movies even though my son doesn’t. Tropic Thunder was a bit stupid. That didn’t surprise me though. That’s why I never saw it before.

Y’all have a good day!