January 1st

Welcome to 2018. This is NOT a New Years post, promise!

Let me know if you think I should keep posting as I have been or schedule blogs or make different ones for each subject. At the moment, I’m kind of putting everything in each one.

Yesterday was awesome! I didn’t do much. Cleaning, laundry, playing with the animals, talking to my family. I drank way too much beer last night but I was at home and only went over my calories by 8 so I’m feeling pretty proud of that! My son spent the night at the neighbors house but came home to bring in 2018 with me and then headed back. I had to walk him since it was after midnight. You could hear fireworks like crazy too!

Today my life is back to normal. I just had breakfast and need to shower and get dressed to go see Forgetful. Then I am going to go get a workout in. I’m worried that there will be tons of people at the gym and there will be lines for machines. I hope not! Guess I’ll find out.

I woke up this morning and saw my phone was at 3%. Oops. Forgot to plug it in last night. So it’s charging now. I will need that when I go to the gym. It’s no fun there without tunes! I did somehow remember to charge my watch though. Weird right?

Thank you for all of you. 395 followers as of today.

I started this blog in late July because I wanted an outlet and wanted to meet more people that I can relate to. You guys are so awesome! I look forward to more this year too. I wouldn’t mind meeting people as well. I have readers all over the world so wouldn’t that be fun?

While I was drinking last night, I decided that I will read more in 2018. I didn’t do much reading last year because I can’t stand reading glasses and I can’t read very well with my contacts. This year, I am going to suck it up and read. I have the Kindle app on my phone as well as a Nook so why aren’t I reading???

I will also continue my plan of working on me. I got my exercise journal and my work journal so I will be kicking it this year! I’m NOT writing a book. I tried that once. I got 3 pages in and deleted the whole thing. I don’t think my life is interesting enough for an entire book. A blog is fine though!

Y’all have a great holiday today. Schools are out for one more week here so I get to sleep more this week which is exciting to me. Back to work though peeps!


Last night I got a call from a trainer at the gym. I explained my situation and this guy (sounds like an idiot over the phone) said he will show me around the gym and go over some stuff I can do. We set an appointment for 11am today. Immediately after that, I will have to go see Forgetful but that’s the only job I have today.

Let’s see if he’s smarter in person than he was on the phone! I gave him a ton to think about. I think he wasn’t sure what I can do but said he will try. I don’t want what they call a “smart start”, that’s doing things ON MY FEET!!! And of course, that was the first thing he mentioned. So we shall see. I am going to go early and do the row machine for 20 minutes so I at least get something done.

I talked to a guy I know that used to be a personal trainer at the Y in New York and he told me basically what I can do. Now to see if this trainer guy says the same thing. My guy friend said I can do any weight machine that doesn’t have to do with my feet. Any leg exercises, arm exercises, and for cardio, keep going on the row machine.

I got on my scale a day early and that was a mistake. It shows a 2 pound gain! Well, I do feel crappy since I haven’t really gotten much exercise this week. Going from 7 days to 2 killed me. This foot needs to heal quick! I’m not a happy camper!!!

As you can tell, I’m NOT hitting any goals right now. So yeah, I need to do something. And yeah yeah, muscle weighs more than fat and I am starting to use weight machines. Don’t worry, I am measuring myself as well for a better look. That was horrible when I did it though the other day. I felt HUGE when I saw the numbers on the measuring tape!!!

It’s cold and yucky down here in Texas. I still have to walk my doggie too so I’m sorry to say that I am walking on concrete against doctors orders. Not too far, just around the block. I just hope I don’t hurt myself further! Last night, I hurt bad. I took Advil and was in bed at 9:30. My son woke me up at midnight to ask what was wrong with his phone and why it wouldn’t charge. I turned it off and on again and then plugged it in and wouldn’t you know it, it started charging no problem! The problems of a 12 year old in this day and age. 🙄

My friend wanted to get together for a margarita yesterday but I was working so much that I couldn’t. 😞 Not only did I do all 3 jobs, I also made food for the 2 other people in my house and went to buy more dog food. It was a busy day, no wonder my foot hurt! While I was with the couple, they wanted lunch so I suggested barbecue. They loved the idea and I went to their favorite spot and even got myself some chopped beef to take with me last night to see Forgetful. That worked out well for me. All of the ladies at her table were a bit jealous though! Oops 😬

So I’ve already walked the dog and successfully avoided my mother so far this morning. Now to go to the gym in a bit and post later to tell you guys what happened!


It’s 7am here in Texas today. It’s cold and windy and cloudy but no rain according to the weather report. The rain was yesterday.

My plan last night was to wake up, go to the gym, then go see Forgetful today. NOW, after phone calls and figuring out a schedule, my day is this.

Mr. 95 year old called to let me know that he is back at home and needs a ride to work this morning. Then I got another call asking me where the country club is that he goes to eat on Wednesday’s from another caregiver! Umm, I could have taken him. That kind of sucks that he didn’t ask me. So I’m taking him to work this morning over by the airport and driving back.

The couple called and asked me to take them to the pharmacy, the bank, the hair cutting place, and the grocery store. I figure that will take around 4 hours total. And probably too much time on my foot getting them in and out of their van. But I know they need help and they are good to me so I want to do this for them. Plus, you know, money is good when you have bills to pay!

Then I have to go see Forgetful! I guess I’ll go there for dinner. She likes me to eat with her there but it’s not good food, not to me. I’ll have to grab something while I’m at the store with the couple to take with me. I found a soda machine at the retirement home she’s at. And yes, I know I need to drink my water and I will, all day, promise! After working on a day like this, I like to sit down and have a coke and dinner.

The other night I ate with her there. I asked for 2 ounce of grilled chicken with 1 ounce of shredded cheese. I got 3 big overly cooked, dried out chicken breasts with about 3 grams of cheese cooked on top of each of them! Seriously??? So I took the cheese off 2 of the pieces of chicken and proceeded to cut (try to) and eat one of the pieces. My tummy didn’t even like them as I came home and promptly threw it all back up. Too dry maybe? I heard it is frozen chicken that they take out and throw on a grill, frozen. Really??? You don’t thaw it out first??? No wonder my tummy couldn’t handle it! Geez!

Back when I lived on my own in my condo, Christmas decorations came down the day after Christmas. My mother on the other hand doesn’t like to take them down until March. That doesn’t work for me. I asked her yesterday about taking down the tree. She starts complaining that she has to wait for her friend to come over to help her clean out her attic before she can do that. 🙄 Just do it, please! It’s a 7 foot tree and it takes up so much space in addition to all of my mothers other crap everywhere. She’s having a friend come redo her attic for her because she doesn’t want me throwing anything away. 😂 I think she has figured me out. I am more of a minimalist and she’s more of a packrat. It’s hard to live like this for me!

I went to see Cranky yesterday since her son was here visiting. His twins are almost a year old and I thought I was going to see them. NOPE! He said they were napping and he was the one that had told me what time to come. What does that say to me? That he wanted me to come at that particular time so I wouldn’t get to see them. I could be wrong, it’s a feeling. Whatever. I’ve known this man since I was young and that made me feel like I was the help and not a friend. I’ve had this feeling with him before so I shouldn’t be surprised. It just hurt my feelings a bit.

My child spent the night at the neighbors again too. I was in bed by 9 and asleep by 11. His last present of a new hoodie finally came yesterday so I walked down to the neighbors house to give it to him since it’s in the 40’s and he went over there in a short sleeved shirt and no jacket! He immediately put it on and said cool and no thank you. He knew it was coming because I was mad at Hot Topic for making it late when I paid for expedited shipping to be here before Christmas and told him that it would be a late gift. So I ended up doing pretty well considering that I didn’t do much on my feet for exercise.

My dog just woke up and is now looking at me like, is it time to go out for a walk Mommy? I guess I have to get out of bed and take her. Y’all have a great day!


My first day at the gym wasn’t too bad. I was VERY disappointed that they do NOT have a sitting elliptical. And there were NO trainers or help to be found! So I did find a girl that is the lifeguard that also works out and she showed me a few machines I could use to stay off my feet.

First, I did the rowing machine for 10 minutes. I didn’t think you guys need a picture of the rowing machine,

Next I did a bunch of arm weight machines, well, tried them. 20 reps on each machine.

Then I went on the bike. That was boring as hell to me. I wish they were next to a window at least! I looked out the window while on the rowing machine and that 10 minutes went fast!

Last, I did this arm machine although I have no clue what it’s called! I did 20 minutes on this.

I didn’t see anyone I know which is always nice. I would still rather go when there are less people but this place is not open really early and doesn’t stay open really late so there’s always people around.

I did break a sweat. My foot hurts like crazy too. So now I’m having my breakfast of chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and crackers.

Today I have to go see Cranky and Forgetful. So I’ll see Forgetful for lunch and then go to see Cranky. Her son is leaving tomorrow so I have to go by today. But I have to rest first so I’m watching an episode of Life Unexpected on Netflix and then will take a shower and skedaddle!

Have a great hump day!!!


Yep. I finally went to one. I went to the same guy that did surgery on my feet for bone spurs in 2003. He is one of the best!

Turns out my foot pain is pinched nerves! I had 4 shots and am not allowed to walk on concrete, on treadmills, or without shoes for 3 weeks. I guess I have to join a damn gym now! He said the sitting elliptical or a bike is fine as well as walking on mulch and in grass. That kind of limits me outside. 😫

I took a few pictures in the office. They even made foot molds of my feet and are making me orthotics to wear.

This doctor does seminars for other podiatrists and asked if he could take a picture of my ankle tattoos and asked why I got them. He loved the story! It’s my sons initials saying that he’s my sun, my moon, and my stars (I explained that before in my tattoos post too). He said he likes showing them tats at the conference.

The only thing I have today is Forgetful. After multiple shots into my ankle and heel, I don’t really want to do much! I walked a BUNCH yesterday because I walked over to see Forgetful and see how her Christmas was at her step sons house.

That’s it for today. I’m going to not do much exercise today to try and relax my poor feet with medicine in them now!

Well darn it!

I was under 1,000 steps to 10,000 yesterday. Dammit. I knew I should have walked the dog one more time! Oh well.

So today Styled has a hair appointment at 8:30am which means I have to leave my house by 7:45am which is why I am up at 5:30am on a Saturday. The boys kept me up until midnight as well so not enough sleep but oh well! The neighbor kid came over last night and ended up staying the night too. So I have THREE 12 year olds over here! They were playing flashlight tag downstairs using my sons lightsaber. It glows a bright green so it lit up each room. They had fun it seems. I forgot to take pictures last night of the boys. They were too busy running around and not wanting to stop.

I also have to drop by to see Cranky and Forgetful before we can head out of town. I am going to try to see them both while Styled is with her hair person since it will take her a couple of hours. Let’s hope that works out so we can leave Houston by 12.

Today we also leave town for the night! Let’s see if anyone can guess where we are going. It is within an hour drive of Houston. They have an amusement park and tons of restaurants but only one inn (hotel). One man owns most of the entire town we are going to and now this same man even owns the Houston Rockets basketball team. There is water but not much of a beach. Biggest hint: They have a wooden roller coaster called The Boardwalk Bullet.

I might have given it away for a few readers with that last couple hints. Pretty easy to google who owns the basketball team here. Don’t though! It’s more fun to let me tell you tomorrow and keep you in suspense! The boys are excited to go. I’m just happy to be getting out for a night. Not sure if I’ll get any rest having these 2 boys but I will sure try!

So outside it is 44F (6C). Yesterday was 77F (25C). It rained like crazy last night for a while and the temperature dropped. I’m so glad it got colder just in time for Christmas 🎄! I’m one of those people that think it should be cold on Christmas. My friend from Costa Rica says she grew up thinking it should be warm for Christmas and go to the beach. Houston has had 80 degree Christmases an 30 degrees ones. So I guess we get the best of both worlds? 😂😂😂 I put Celsius in parenthesis so nobody has to do the conversion in their head! 😀

I have to send out invoices today too! I may just take my computer with me and do them while I’m sitting at the bar having a drink and the boys are playing. Once I make them on my computer, I can send them from my phone so I don’t really even need internet to do it.

Well have fun and I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you all about our trip!


I woke up early for the fact that I didn’t have to take my son to school. I woke up at 7!

I didn’t do anything this morning but lay around and play this game on my phone called Gardenscapes. I’m at level 1000-something and was having fun. I got unlimited lives for 10 hours so yeah.

I jumped up at 11 and rushed to get dressed and leave to go see Forgetful. She was having lunch when I got there and as I was sitting with her, her step daughter in law and grandkids showed up. We all talked for about 30 minutes and then we all left. I told her I will see her tomorrow and the daughter said she will see her Monday morning.

From there I went to pick up my sons friend that is going with us on our overnight vacation. His room wasn’t clean though so I had to go into their apartment and wait but that’s okay since I got a chance to catch up with his mom! She’s so sweet and apologetic over nothing (she thinks her house was a mess – it wasn’t). She handed me money to take him with us. I’m giving it back when we are home. He doesn’t need it and I don’t want to take money from her. She’s being treated for cancer and already had a pacemaker so she doesn’t need to be handing out money, especially when this was my idea. She said she was going to tag along with friends to the casino in Lake Charles LA but ended up staying at home cleaning with her brother there to help her. Umm, ok? You’re supposed to be having FUN when your child is away, not cleaning! Well, whatever she wants to do is fine as long as she’s happy.

I brought the kid home and then we 3 went to Barnes and Noble. I left the boys in their favorite section and went outside to walk around the huge parking lot and get my daily exercise. I haven’t hit 10,000 steps today and not sure I will but I did get my watch congratulations for completing all of my goals for the day. 😂 I ended up buying myself a few books and am going to read the rest of the night.

er the book store, we went to the grocery store. Why I was nice and asked my mom if she needed anything, I have no idea. She wanted me to buy her a honey baked ham already cooked and some soda. So I did. I'm an enabler. I admit it. She's diabetic and I bought her Dr. Pepper. I'm so bad. I spent almost $100 on groceries! And I only went there for milk and dinner! I did run into the lady that has caregivers though and that's good. She's great and has lots of employees so I can just refer people to her if they need help.

I have been in pain. I am not complaining much because I should have gone to a doctor about it a while ago plus I try my best to not complain. I made an appointment with a podiatrist for Tuesday morning. He's the same one that put titanium bars in both feet to correct bone spurs and who made me insoles in high school. He's not near me but I don't mind driving to see him because he is THAT good! I hope whatever is wrong can be fixed with insoles. I can't afford surgery. And I want to walk! I don't want to have to sit around for weeks healing. 😞 Pray that I just need special insoles please! So you know I'm in actual pain if I called a doctor and am going to spend the money. Yep. I'll have to let you know how that goes.

I ate one small chicken leg for dinner from a already baked chicken in a container at the store and now I'm sick. Like I ate too much sick. From that!!! That's one of the BIG reasons I don't recommend surgery as an option to lose weight. Trust me, even after 20 plus years, you will still barf when you eat too much! Sad, right? I have been for a few days now though and I think it's my body getting used to all the exercise and healthier foods. But junk I can keep down with no problem! KitKat? No problem. Cheddar cheese and crackers? No problem. Salad? Barf. Chicken or hamburger? Barf. NOT cool stomach! And some people wonder why I eat cheese and crackers a lot. 😂

This poor kid stinks to high heaven. My entire upstairs reeks of BO! I just made him take a shower and hopefully he put on deodorant!!! I sprayed the entire upstairs with glade while he was in there. He was sitting on my sons bed with no sheets so yeah, I had to spray it down! He's such a sweet kid too. Check out what he wrote on the bathroom mirror:

If you can’t read it, it’s a huge smiley face and it says “thx ms julie”. Very sweet boy!

That’s my day. I’m going to go read. Hugs everyone!