Just sharing stats for last week 😀

I logged into my weights app and it gave me my past week and then I logged into my calorie counter and it gave me my past weeks stats so I wanted to share. I’m pretty happy!

Everything here is starting to close down for the next day or 2 because it MIGHT snow and ice. Wow. Okay, so it’s may get down into the teens for weather and it may snow ❄️. I think that’s great, then again, I have lived in Colorado and know how to drive in it. Most Houstonians don’t!

No school, my moms job closed, I am going to see Forgetful in the morning but then I’m coming home. No going out in all this for me! I’ll stay at home and suffer inside instead of being a statistic of accidents because someone decided to go out that doesn’t know how to drive in it.

Y’all stay warm and safe!

Astros Fanfest

Yes, we went! No, we’re not huge Astros fans or anything. HAHAHAHA…I totally am!!!

I took my son and his friend. I think they had a great time. They ran the bases, they took pictures in the dugout, had ice cream, and I got to take all the pictures!

I know I’m not supposed to walk a lot but I had to at the stadium. How else were we going to get around? Have my son push me around in a wheelchair? No way. I walked 4,600 steps and I’m okay with that even though it hurts a little.

Now I’m waiting on this woman to come pick up the doors. She is driving a long way for a good deal (I asked for $500 for both doors). After she’s been here, I bet you guys can guess what I’m going to do!

No…not taking a nap although that does sound super good right now!

I’m off to the gym. Yep. You heard it here first! I missed yesterday because I had to work, take my son to the dentist, work again, then had 2 people come by for pots. They are ALL GONE! Yay!!!!!

I did just find a few more in the garage (dammit) but I can deal. I sold every one of the ones from the original picture. My mom made $75 from them too. Woo hoo! Now after the doors are gone, I can start on the front half of the garage.

I gained .6 pounds but since I’ve been doing weights, I’m not sure if it’s gaining muscle or I ate too much so I’m sticking with muscle gain. We will find out when I measure myself at the end of the month.

I hope y’all are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am mine.

Rainy Thursday

I’m so glad I wrote twice yesterday because so much more happened! There would be no way I remembered it all.

The contractor finished the cabinets and they look beautiful. One of the interior shelves doesn’t pull out because the side of it is too close to the door and a couple of them are NOT self closing. My mom called him and he’s coming by tomorrow to fix it all. That’s nice of him to come back that fast.

A very nice woman came last night and bought 20 pots. Then another nice woman came and bought 20 more. There’s still a ton left but that’s great! The first one paid me $15 via credit card which is fine with me and the second paid cash. I gave my Mom her $35 so she’s happy too. I asked her what she thought of my selling all her unused crap stuff idea and she replied, “I’m loving this!” Lol, I should have done this a long time ago! I’m sure my Dad would have appreciated it!

I went to the gym and did more than normal, at least for me. I must be getting more in shape – but sometimes when I come up my stairs at home, I’m still huffing and puffing. 45 minutes on the stationary bicycle, 10 minutes on the rower, and 25 minutes on leg weight machines using 40-50 pound weights. I don’t think I really need an entire minute between sets which is what this app tells me to do. I end up sitting there looking stupid and wishing I could just keep going! Maybe I should find another app for weights or just skip the 60 second wait time after 30 seconds or will that hurt my muscles?

I know my heart rate was a little high but it is within normal range according to the health app so I went with it and felt fine. I also ran into an old neighbor while I was biking and he says, “I haven’t seen you here before! When did you join?” So I told him November (it was really December but how would he know?) and he replies, “Hmm. I’ve been here so not sure why I haven’t seen you but glad you’re here.” Umm, thanks? He’s a weird older guy that goes swimming in his neighborhood pool all times of the year wearing a wetsuit and flippers. And if you start him talking, he doesn’t usually stop and it’s usually about church and politics. I’m glad I was working out and he didn’t talk my ear off!

I have to take Styled this morning to get her hair and nails done and then see Forgetful. I am supposed to pick up my son to go to the dentist but now he wants to have the 2 back teeth pulled instead of the jaw extender so I called the dentist office but they have to get back with me tomorrow morning since the orthodontist is not in today. So I may pick him up early, I may not! Guess I’ll find out. I hate changes this late into it. I mean, come on child! Everything is paid for and ready to go and NOW you want to change it??? Geez! 🙄

I pretty much froze waiting for those women last night and it’s COLD this morning!!! Does anybody else on here get colder after working out? I can’t figure out why I was so cold last night. Or any time after I work out. It’s weird!

Have a great Friday. I’m back to loving Friday’s again as the last workday of the week!

No exercise (at the gym)

Today I was supposed to not exercise. I did not go to the gym. What I DID do is work my hiney off for an hour and a half working on my garage.

It was packed full. I made a sizable dent in it today. My foot is what told me to stop. I’m sure my mother will have a conniption fit when she sees all that I’m throwing out. I noticed that there were 3 items in there that look like they were at one point on fire. An oil lamp in its package, a blanket wrapped in another blanket, and a box. I don’t think they have ever had a fire here so I don’t know how they got burned.

I brought in the china cabinet and a foot broke off on it. I’m sure she will say I did it on purpose so she can’t keep it which is not true. I just didn’t have help and was trying to slide it along the tile floor and it broke off! I wasn’t going to try to bring in her wood storage thing that goes at the end of her bed. It’s heavy and I would have to slide it and don’t want to break that.

There’s SO much more to do too! She has a TON of brand new stuff still in boxes or bags that she needs to look at and decide what to do with. Then there are tons of big bags behind her new front door in there plus tools, gardening stuff (she doesn’t garden), and who knows what else.

My son pulled out all of her clay pots and put them in the patio so she can see just how many she has. For someone who doesn’t USE them, why??? I am hoping for a wake up call for her I guess. She needs to stop just buying stuff to buy them. She’s on a fixed income, even working she is only part time and doesn’t make much.

I came home the other night and there was a bag of ribbon on the floor (like behind a chair at the back of a table). I asked her about it and she replies,

“They were 75% off plus I get 30% employee discount so they were practically free”.

Me: Umm, mother, are you going to use this ribbon?

Mother: “Well, I might.”

Seriously? I know there are a bunch of people that have this problem so is there so overspending group I can send her to? I buy what I need. If I don’t look at something or use something I bought, it gets sold or donated. So what is her issue and I’m SO glad I didn’t get that from her!

Anyway, I feel like I definitely got a work out in today. So much for taking a day off! My foot is not happy with me so I got my dinner and I am relaxing in bed.

I hope you all had a good weekend!

Saturday exercise and stuff

I went to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the bicycle at levels 2 and 6 plus 25 minutes on legs (not pictured is the thigh adduction machine). Woo hoo! Then I went to the grocery store with my moms and my sons list. All I needed was milk and some healthy snacks. I got some too.

Banana chips – I love bananas but they’re too soft and stick to my teeth. So I got banana chips. Not as healthy but has a gram of protein and only 5g of sugar. They are alright. I like the thinner slices better. The thick ones are very hard for me to munch into.

Sesame sticks – so good and crunchy! 5g of protein and NO sugar! I love these but I don’t like them all the time. I’ll have this bag and not like them for a few months. I’m weird like that.

Fiber One Protein Nut chewy bars chocolate pretzel nut – haven’t tried them yet and they have 10g protein and 5g sugar each.

And of course I have plenty of nuts around to munch on. Peanuts have 7g of protein in each ounce. Cashews have 4g.

Can y’all tell I’m trying to get more protein???

My mom had a coworker come over and put lights on her Christmas tree before she put it away for the year. Let’s just hope the lights don’t go bad during the year after all that work! I had to get her tree out of the bag we put it in and set it back up only to have her friend say she needs it in pieces. 🙄

My son wants me to move his bed to the corner of his room. I do agree it would give him more space, and as it’s on these risers and they are not attached, I don’t want to deal with it today. No fun. So he’s been in here complaining that I don’t want to do anything today yet he opens everything I brought home from the store! 🙄

I ate my weird lunch of sesame sticks, banana chips, and 2% lactose free chocolate milk (Mootopia brand) at 3pm and I’m trying to wait to eat dinner until 7. I’m hoping that makes me not so hungry when I go to bed at 10 or 11.

I sent out invoices and I did my weekly paperwork for my business. Now I can relax. Since I didn’t watch Netflix the other day, I think I might try to find a movie now.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Hurting today

My foot hurts today. Not the shooting pain I was having, just a sharp ache.

I went to the gym anyway because I told the trainer I would be there. I did 20 minutes on the upright bike and he showed me the leg machines. I can’t do a couple because I would have to push off with my feet so they are tabled at the moment.

Now I’m off for my last Saturday of working! I will take Styled to get her hair and nails done this morning. We are leaving the house at 1:30pm to go to the Symphony to see Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets movie with the music played live by the orchestra. I can’t wait! Even though my mother is coming, it’s still fun. I’ll have to go see Forgetful at dinner time.

I’m standing here smoking before I go inside to take my vitamins and go to work.

Y’all have a great weekend!


My first day at the gym wasn’t too bad. I was VERY disappointed that they do NOT have a sitting elliptical. And there were NO trainers or help to be found! So I did find a girl that is the lifeguard that also works out and she showed me a few machines I could use to stay off my feet.

First, I did the rowing machine for 10 minutes. I didn’t think you guys need a picture of the rowing machine,

Next I did a bunch of arm weight machines, well, tried them. 20 reps on each machine.

Then I went on the bike. That was boring as hell to me. I wish they were next to a window at least! I looked out the window while on the rowing machine and that 10 minutes went fast!

Last, I did this arm machine although I have no clue what it’s called! I did 20 minutes on this.

I didn’t see anyone I know which is always nice. I would still rather go when there are less people but this place is not open really early and doesn’t stay open really late so there’s always people around.

I did break a sweat. My foot hurts like crazy too. So now I’m having my breakfast of chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and crackers.

Today I have to go see Cranky and Forgetful. So I’ll see Forgetful for lunch and then go to see Cranky. Her son is leaving tomorrow so I have to go by today. But I have to rest first so I’m watching an episode of Life Unexpected on Netflix and then will take a shower and skedaddle!

Have a great hump day!!!