This sucks

My sons temperature went down to normal yesterday but by the time he was going to bed, it was exactly 100 (37.8 C). When he woke up, it was 100.8. So I guess I have to call the doctor. 😢 No school again. I’m just glad all he’s missing are these silly mock Starr exams! It’s not like he’s never taken the Starr before so why do they need these mock days?


I am supposed to take the couple to dinner tonight. Their daughter text me saying she doesn’t feel well and would I take them to an appointment today. Well I would love to since I am broke! Then she called them to let them know and the husband says, “No, we need you to take us.” Oh well. Whatever! I will see them tonight and ask what the doctor said. I’m curious too!


I did really well on my calories yesterday.

How’s that for perfect??? I am really proud of that. I even made sure to include a late night snack of a granola bar because I know me and late night snacking! I was awake until 1am and had my snack at 10pm so at 12:30, I pulled out a bottle of water instead of going for anything else. Go me! I was catching up on The Walking Dead and OMG!!! I can’t wait until it starts up again!

For breakfast today, since I LOVE cheese and crackers, I decided to have it a bit healthier. I took Babybel cheese, flattened it out, and put it on a Breton cracker. 3 of these and I’m full! I had an energy drink when I woke up at 8:30 so now I am having water as that cheese gets stuck on my teeth. Since I am probably going to be eating out for dinner, I want to eat healthy all day so I don’t go over my calories tonight.


Today is cardio day! I need to call the doctor to see when I need to take my son in (I think all we need is a doctors note but they require a visit for that these days) and then I am going to go to the gym. I am going to ride the bike today. My knee is still not 100% so I don’t want to get on the elliptical just to be in pain and not be able to do other stuff.

Last night, I went to the gym and did all of the weight machines. 6 arm exercises, 5 leg exercises, and 5 back/abdomen exercises. It took me an hour, technically 59 minutes and 16 seconds according to my watch. I wasn’t worried about time other than making sure I rest at least 30 seconds between sets. Each exercise I do 3 sets of 12 repetitions. I accidentally tried 30 pounds doing the arm row and it about killed me so I went to 15 after 3 reps. I feel it today too!

That’s it folks. I hope everyone has a good Tuesday. I overslept. My alarm went off at 6 and 7 and I didn’t wake up until 8:45. Oh well. Glad I didn’t have to be anywhere!


Holy crap I forgot to journal everything last week! I just went back and did the entire week. It’s no wonder I didn’t lose anything. I need to get better at this. I know it’s a lifestyle change and not short term and I will have bad days but last week was OMG stupid.

At least I’m drinking my water! So this week I’m back to eating better and tracking better. I need to take this with me everywhere I guess. I should have gotten the big journal too. I hate writing small! Next year – big journal. For now – track daily on paper as well as online.

My plan today is strength training at 6pm. My son just came in here and it sounds like he’s feeling a bit better. Only a 99.4 temp right now! He still can’t go to school tomorrow because the rule is 24 hours without a fever before he can go to school but hopefully we are on the getting better side of things.

See ya!


He’s still sick. 101.7 this morning. No school obviously. BFF’s son is sick too. I know there are lots of people that are sick right now, I feel for anyone that is! It sucks!

Then Eliza got in my room and decided to lay down against my butt like Amber does.

I’m off to the store this morning to get orange juice, soup, and more bananas for the sick child.

I went WAY over my calories yesterday (by 1000) and today I weigh a pound less. I was expecting 3 pounds more! At 11:45pm, I saw that I needed 15 minutes of exercise to finish my exercise ring on my watch and decided to do it. I walked around in my patio until I was done. Something must be working! I am determined. I went over so much because I kept eating the awesome cheese crackers I made. 3 are 200 calories!

So I got an award on my watch. I have mentioned before how helpful I find them!

Today is weight day. This guy at the front desk wants me to try a HIIT weight class. Not today I think. I’m too worried that I may have to leave the gym fast if my son needs me. I think it’s rude to walk out of a class in the middle. I hated doing it in college too so it’s just me. If I’m on the machines, I can drop it and run if necessary. I will be going to the gym though.

So gym and groceries, just like on Saturday. At least this time it won’t cost me $100! I only need sick child stuff, not regular weekly stuff. I was up until after 2 watching 50’s commercials on YouTube. Wow they were so different then now!

As for my business, it’s another slow week here. I just found out on Friday that my resume is not on my current computer. That’s frustrating. I have to find my old computer, plug it in, and see if I can still use it to print that out and make changes to it. I got a new one because the old one was crapping out on me. Then again, I don’t want a full time office job so maybe I should not have a resume. My friend that works at HEB said she didn’t give them hers because she wanted the job, she didn’t want to be told she was overqualified. I don’t know yet, whatever God wants to happen will happen.

I hope everyone on here has a great week. Sick child, allergies, and mother to deal with here. 🙄

Bug bites

Not sure what bit me overnight last night but they got me twice. One on my stomach and once on my thigh. I hate bugs.

Stomach bite… I’ve accidentally scratched this one.

Thigh bite. Haven’t messed with this one at all!

Tonight’s event

I have tried. I even scraped the bottom of the barrel here to find someone to go with tonight and failed miserably.

My tickets are non refundable and I am not going to go. I am going to be a good mom and stay home with my sick child. Yes, his grandmother will be here but I really don’t think she will take care of him the way I would. I made the decision myself so no need to feel bad, okay guys? I couldn’t even give away my tickets. How screwed up is that? I actually decided this while I was in the shower and still got dressed and did my hair. Why not???

It’s not like Chinedu is never going to have another show, right? I thought about driving down there just to meet him and then thought, “Why would I drive 30 minutes just to say hi to a guy that doesn’t know me from Adam???” So here I am, dressed and ready, and not going anywhere. I went on Facebook to put a note on his page and he was live. I told him about tonight in a comment and he mentioned me in his live post that he will have to make sure I’m at the next show. How sweet!

On the plus side, my son and I had a little fun just now. I asked him to take a full body picture of me since I was dressed and ready to go. He did a good, nice one and then kept shooting and pretending like he was a photographer so I had some fun with him.

That’s his room. I didn’t want him to get out of bed. That’s my new outfit from Chico’s that I got the other day that I’m wearing. You can see the bag from Nordstrom’s where we got him some pants for the cold weather that he’s NEVER OPENED. Crazy child. He says he got sick because I made him wear pants the days that it was 30 degrees outside. 😂

Is that first picture good enough to use as a profile picture? Let me know!

So I hope everyone has a good evening. I think I’m going to watch some Netflix.

Still sick

My sons temperature this morning is 102.2 or 39 Celsius. Hopefully since it went up, he will continue to get better throughout the day. He really wants to go to school tomorrow! He told me this morning that he is screwed. Poor baby. He woke me up at the horrid hour of 7:10am on a Sunday for water. I told him to come get some but at that point I was awake. Oh well.

B cancelled on me for the show tonight. He said he had forgotten that he had told some girl that he would babysit her kids. Wth dude? I posted on Instagram looking for someone else to go with but no takers. I don’t want to go alone and I don’t want to take his roommate. I want to go though. He’s even doing a meet and greet before the show so I’ll get to meet him! I guess I will go alone. Going anywhere alone makes me nervous. I’m so desperate to not go alone, I even text my ex boyfriend. He hasn’t answered yet.

I went to the store yesterday and got a bunch of stuff to cook for the week. I get my recipes from AllRecipes and just make changes to make them more calorie friendly.

I am going to make:

Stuffed Peppers

Fried zucchini fritters

Cheese crackers

Pasta with peas and sausage

They all look yummy and easy to make.

I don’t follow any special diet. I just worry about calorie intake. I do try to eat more protein. Last night and this morning, I had this burger from HEB called the cheddar bacon burger. Each patty was 8 oz uncooked so I only ate half last night and the other half this morning. It has chunks of bacon and cheddar cheese in it. They said it was 310 calories for 4 oz!!! But pretty much pure protein so I can’t complain. Since I don’t eat much bread anyway, I didn’t have to worry about carbs at all. It was a good dinner that kept me full until bedtime.

Those exercise calories were from weight lifting. I did all muscle groups! I was even able to up my arm weights to 15 pounds so I’m excited! I do 30 pounds on the back and glute exercise machines and 50 pounds on the legs. I was only doing 10 pounds on the arm machines. You have no clue how exciting it is to go up 5 pounds!!! The only thing I can’t figure out is how I am supposed to go from 15 to 30 pounds when I get stronger. That’s what the machines do. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

I’ve gotten up to drinking 2.5 bottles of water each day. I know I need more but I wasn’t drinking any water before this so I’m proud of that. I still have a couple weeks to bring my water intake up more. Then I just need to make it a habit.

I will leave you for now. I may posts later with actual pictures of what I cook and the show tonight (plus let you know if I wasted a ticket or talked my ex into going). Have a good Sunday!


My poor son. He almost NEVER gets sick so when he does, it’s pretty awful!

Last night, he stayed at his friends house in the neighborhood. He text me and asked me to bring him his asthma inhaler. Since he barely ever uses it, I was worried that he might be getting sick. So when he text this morning telling me that his entire body hurt, I knew he was sick. I told him to come home right away and took his temperature. 38.8 Celsius for my friends that use that.

So symptoms are fever, body aches, and breathing issues. I believe he has the flu. I am not a doctor but that’s what it sounds like. I have quarantined him in his room and given him his tv remote so he can lay in bed and sleep or watch tv. I gave him some bananas, his vitamins, water, and told him to stay in bed unless he needs to go to the bathroom.

He is so upset about this too! He said, “I don’t want to miss school on Monday!” I told him that he needs to stay in bed until he’s recovered and if he stays in bed all day today and tomorrow, he may feel better on Monday. So he’s actually staying in bed! I’m amazed. Go me!

I have tickets to see Chinedu tomorrow evening too! I hope he’s better. I can guarantee that my Mom won’t do whatever he needs to get better. She’s from the age of “get up and moving to feel better”. Yeah Mom, see, here’s the thing. That just makes the illness longer to recover from! So I gave him some NyQuil because he needs to sleep to get better quicker.

I also need to go do weights today at the gym. Last night, my full on workout was great but when I was walking up the stairs at home, my knee popped and I was in SO much pain! I could walk normally so I knew I didn’t really hurt it. I just stayed off of it unless I had to walk. I took the stairs one at a time so I wasn’t bending the knee too much. I slept and today I feel fine. So I want to go to the gym. Today was also the day I weighed myself. I’m up again by .2 pounds. What the hell? I don’t know if I should eat out anymore. That’s the only thing I can think of that is wrong. I ate my exercise calories on Tuesday and Wednesday but never went over the total for the past week. Maybe I’m not eating enough? Argh – losing weight drives me nuts!

What do you think? It’s driving me nuts just thinking about it!

I know I shouldn’t be counting on the scale. I honestly think Tuesday and Wednesday (the days I did yoga) I counted those as workouts and ate those calories and I didn’t actually burn that many calories. I’m also trying to drink more water and maybe it’s water weight. I’m also trying to drink less of my calories. So maybe I’m stressed. Who knows!

Anyway, I’ve got to take care of my son again. Y’all have a good day!