Reasons I left my boyfriend

So I started dating this man in January. He and I were acquaintances before that. We met through a mutual friend in 2006 and he's a wanna be mechanic and handyman.

He has a high school diploma and is attempting (and failing) college. So since he is in college, you might think he has smarts, knows how to talk, whatever. NOPE!

Over this past 6 months, I've dealt with him saying the exact opposite of what he means (I would say it's a beautiful day and he would reply "It isn't, is it.") Every time I ask him to act like a proper man, he says, "Oh, I haven't done that in 20 years." AND??? I don't want to take him anywhere if he can't act properly in the situation!

He is always saying he rebels against anything authoritative. Well dude, you are 40. I think it's time to bloody grow up!

He bought my car from me for only $1200 (£913.73 and still owes me $500 or £380.72) and since then, has had the air conditioner go out, changed some axle piece and shredded the tires multiple times because he had put the wrong part on, had to change out the brakes multiple times, installed a stereo system and put holes through the back of the car, etc. What is he doing to that poor car??? It was in perfect condition when I sold it! Not perfect because it is a 2004, but VERY good condition. I kept that car maintenance perfect.

He actually had the audacity to ask me when my period started. Oh, am I acting a bit cranky? Well too bad loser! That offended me more than anything else that has come out of his mouth.

3 days after that rudeness, he asked to borrow $75 (£57)!!! You are a man. My business does not make me a lot of money and you're asking ME for money???

So these are just the latest things. I almost broke up with him in March and again in May. So I gave him 3 chances and I'm DONE.

Now everyone else knows what pisses me off. If I'm ever going to date again, I need an educated man that can speak well and knows how to act proper. I also want them to be self reliant!!!

Okay, rant over! 😃


I met with him yesterday and told him in person that it was over. The only thing he really argued about was, "I guess being faithful and a good guy isn't good enough. I can't change who I am."

I have always and will always say what a good guy he is. That's not the problem! I told him he just needs to grow up and take care of himself before bringing someone else in his life. When you have to ask your girlfriend for money, you really need to take some time and get your life in order.

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