No work today?!?

I don't have any jobs today which is unusual. That means no money coming in today. Really not good!

So I will return stuff that we don't need later. School supplies that my son won't need and paper from painting my room that ended up being flimsy and too small. Then I will give these extra school supplies that my sons father brought to a neighbor in need.

I'm not going to work on the house today. Bowels do not feel so good today which is why I'm staying close to the house. I'm catching up on HBO and AMC shows that aired over the weekend and stay in bed. Then will clean up around the house.

Nothing else going on. A difficult start to the new week but will get it done! I do not make much during the summer. Most clients are busy with family or go out of town. That's okay. It just makes things a bit tough around here!

I went to the local court and got my DBA! Woo hoo! It's official, I'm a real entrepreneur now. Now I'm on the lookout for a bank that has free business checking so people can pay me using my business name.

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