Couple I drive

So I pick up this couple. I've been driving them for about 2 years now. They are so nice and I'm happy to be in their life.

We go to the haircut place and he gets his haircut. Then while his wife gets hers, he wants to go down the street to this place to buy premade food called Tres Market. I go to each freezer/refrigerator door and tell him all of the options inside. He buys 2 handheld baskets full and a guy from the place helped us take everything back to their vehicle. It started pouring on us as soon as we walk out of this place. So the guy that is helping us gets his umbrella and puts the food in the vehicle. Then he leaves but had offered to stay. I should have taken him up on it!

It doesn't stop raining and I have to get both of them in the vehicle while I am getting soaked. They had an umbrella in the back of the vehicle but of course it was broken. He's on a scooter and she's using a walker. The hair place lent me an umbrella to walk her to the vehicle thankfully but got soaked on my way back to the vehicle after I gave it back. Since I had to help her, I couldn't put his scooter away so he was sitting in the vehicle while he and the scooter got soaked as I walked all the way around the vehicle with her! My hair was ruined too (after spending all that time yesterday to straighten it). Then they had a couple of other errands to run. Thankfully I did not have to get out again. A drive through pharmacy and the bank. It decides to stop raining as soon as I get to their house. Not fair!

And I have another job to go on in a few minutes too and of course it's still raining. I'm SO not looking forward to this! At least I pick him up and drop him off under a covered area! Thank goodness it stopped raining a little after we arrived where he eats! It ended up being a good evening.

I am planning on waking up early and going walking again. Pray the weather holds up for me!

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