Tuesday oh my!

I got woken up at 3:30am to the stupid emergency alert system saying flood warning. I really need to turn that bugger off! I went back to sleep at 4 and was woken up at 7 by my ex-husband asking me when we are going to court (he's a bit behind in child support). So great start today!

It rained 5 1/2 inches (.14 meters) overnight. When I got up, all of it was gone and drained away thankfully so I was able to go to work.

I picked up a woman and we are parked outside her nail place waiting for them to open. When I get her back home, I get to drive all the way to our major airport to pick somebody up. Then I'm done for the day.

Last week I hid a woman's rolling walker because she's always about to fall flat on her face using it. She has a regular walker that would be much safer for her to use. 2 days later, she complained that she couldn't use it because she couldn't get out of her chair since it's so high (it's not). I told her she needs to use her chair that has arm rests so she can push herself up and then grab the walker. She said that chair is too heavy, I can't push myself back in it. Geez woman! Complain much??? Let's see, have a bit harder time in a more heavy duty chair and better walker or risk falling and breaking something using the rolling walker. Hmm… Well, I told her son and found out that she had complained to him too. He told me to give her back the rolling one. Okay, so now it's not my fault if she falls!!!

Anyway, I'm a bit frustrated this morning but I'll live. The woman this morning still has to go to the grocery store too so it will be a long day!

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