Today is a rest day

I usually post in the morning so I wonder if anyone thought I wouldn't post today. Well, I am! I am trying to do it every day to keep track of what's going on.

No jobs today. That's okay. I helped a friend write a 5 page letter, finished Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, took the recycling to the bin down the street, and got some groceries. Now I am going to sit back and watch The IT crowd which I keep hearing is hysterical.

I have already done 4 straight days of getting exercise and decided to take a day off. Tomorrow depending on when I wake up, I will either walk or do weights or maybe even both. I have 2 jobs tomorrow too. I had 3 but one cancelled. I haven't been going to bed until around 1 or 2 am and sleeping until 8:30 with no alarm clock the past 2 days. Guess that's why I haven't wanted to go out walking, it's too hot by the time I wake up! I believe I will take some Zzzquil early this evening to make myself fall asleep since my first job is at 8:15am.

Last night I drove my favorite client to dinner. Since I had to sit there for 2 hours, I thought I would walk a bit. Unfortunately I did not account for the fact that I was wearing my flip flops and therefore couldn't take it after 10 minutes. At least I did walk that, plus it was a hilly walk through a golf course. So I walked a half mile up and down hills in my flip flops. Never again either. I will take my tennis shoes with me from now on.

I talked to my new dating buddy late last night. He drove 45 miles to pick up a new motorcycle that he wanted. He is very happy and I'm fine with it as long as he doesn't want me to get on it with him. I am NOT a motorcycle person after my Dad and I drove into a ditch when I was young. I say dating buddy because: 1. He's gay, 2. I don't want to date anyone right now, 3. He likes his own friends with benefits. And this way if we meet someone that we don't want to hook up with, we are together and can say "Sorry, I'm taken" plus I still get to go on fun dates with someone I actually like! Saying I'm taken worked for me already last night! The valet guy where I take my client to dinner every week actually asked me if I wanted to have sex with him! So I showed him a pic of my friend and said "No, I'm taken." He took it in stride, he said if he didn't ask, he wouldn't know. Umm, ok. 🙄

Today is my ex-husbands birthday. I had to remind my son to call his father to say happy birthday. He said, "Eh, in a while." 😂 Now they are on the phone and he still hasn't actually said "Happy Birthday". Right after I typed that he said it too. Here is a pic from one time he came by to see his son. He comes by every few weeks, spends a few hours with him, and leaves. Since I have full custody and the last time I let my son stay over at his dads he came home with lice (twice actually), he does not go stay with him. He doesn't want to anyway. He has always said he prefers to be here.

I got on my laptop today and updated my finances and budget. Basically it laughed at me and said, "You're broke!" Considering my laptop is 10 years old and all I do is pay my bills on it, that doesn't surprise me at all. At least my bills are paid! That's what matters.

So have a great day. I'm ready for tomorrow. Sayonara!!!

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