Oh my

So after my job last night, my mom called and said she couldn't get the sound to work on her iPad so she could watch some show on Starz. I went to her house and turned up the volume (had to show her where it is), played with her kittens (too cute), and changed her air filter. I got home around 9pm.

I was on the phone with a friend when I walked up and my pothead neighbor comes out thinking I was talking about him (I wasn't). He and I ended up chatting for about 30 minutes. During this time, we see a truck being towed off. Not 10 minutes later, one of my neighbors comes out and says, "Did you see a tow truck? I think my repairman just got towed!" 😳

Yep. He sure did! He was parked in another neighbors parking spot (we have assigned parking) and that guy called it to be towed. Didn't ask anyone about it, didn't bother (or maybe didn't care) to check when he saw my neighbor and I talking, just called it in. So my neighbor had to pay the towing fees of $229! That's crazy!!! She should give him a bill. Karma is a bitch my readers and he will get his.

I woke up to my sons alarm clock at 6am. Mine was set for 6:30. I piddled around for an hour and then used my weights to exercise for 10 minutes. Now I am writing this and then have to get ready for my first job. The only elder person I drive that smells like she hasn't bathed in a while. She's nosy too! So I'll just tell her about my new dating friend and I'm glad I told my Mom last night because that will be her first call I'm sure (they are friends and that's how I got her).

Again this evening I will take my favorite client and his girlfriend to dinner too. Then I'm off until Monday! Yay!

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