Practicing to be a runner

So my son had me wake up at 5:30, take an hour to wake up and start moving, and then he wanted to go out to start training for track.

He drew a line of chalk near our front gate and we attempted to measure 328 feet (100 meters) for him to start practicing. When we got halfway down, we realized that our parking lot is about 100 meters from the gate to the back so we stopped measuring (I hope we are correct) and drew a line at the end.

He did the first trial run in 38 seconds (not too fast but not slow either) and his second attempt ended halfway through as he said he just couldn’t run anymore and he walked the rest of the way to the line. He grabbed his water that I brought out and said “I’m done for today!”

He says tomorrow he is going to do the run 3 times. I stopped him from leaving and taught him a couple of runner stretches before I would let him go inside. It’s already 85 degrees here at 7am so I can’t really blame him for wanting to stop. It is WAY too hot and humid in Texas but I know there are plenty of people that run in hotter weather than here and made sure that wasn’t an excuse to quit.

I told him he had to stretch before and after and he needs to start jogging because it will help build up endurance for his 100 meter dash. I also told him that we need to start getting him to use the weights since he needs to build strength as well. By jogging, he will get used to running more and so when he does need to dash, he can just pick up speed and do it easier and probably faster.

I will show him the arm weight exercises in a bit as well since I need to do that today. I am going to try and use the weights longer than 10 minutes this morning! We will see how that goes. A full set of the 5 exercises takes about 5 minutes so basically I am trying to do 3 sets. Well, I did 2 full sets before I couldn’t go any longer. I don’t break between exercises and in between sets, I do the arm movements of jumping jacks. That way I keep moving. Maybe I’m doing that right. Maybe if I actually took a one minute rest, I could do another set. Please let me know!

Only one job today so I have plenty of time to help him. He just gave me some scenarios and asked me what I would do. When he was done, he said, “I’m sorry to waste your time with that.” I had to tell him he is NOT wasting my time. “You are my son and I am willing to listen whenever you want to talk to me.” I hate that he thought he was wasting my time. I wonder where he got that idea? Not from me! I always listen to him! He said it sounded like I wasn’t interested and that’s why. So I guess I need to do better!

Some of the arm exercises:

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