In 1996, I weighed in over 400 pounds. My mom put me on diets starting at the age of 12 and I just ballooned up and up. Yoyo dieting is SO bad for everyone!!! I even don't let my son diet, I just hide vegetables and home cook 90% of what he eats. Eating out for us is a treat and he is normal sized and perfect the way he is. Over the past few years, my son has gotten chunky, too thin, chunky again, now normal. That is perfectly normal in a growing kid.

Don't ever let anyone say you aren't perfect the way you are!

Here I am in 1996. My guy friends all would hide behind me. I always laughed even though it hurt my feelings.

Obviously I look a bit different 200 pounds less but I'm still me. I still hear jokes about my weight sometimes too. I ignore the people saying it, but it still affects me. If I could only tell every single person how much I've lost in 20 years, I bet they would still say bad things because it's been 20 years and some people think if you can't lose weight fast and keep it off, you are weak.

I had gastro-plasty in January 1997. I dropped 90 pounds within the first 6 months and struggled to lose the rest ever since. When I got pregnant, I gained 40 pounds and I was freaking out. That put me at 280 when my son was born. So over the past 12 years, I've lost about 80 pounds. It's difficult but I will always stick with it. I am not concerned about having weight on me, I want to be healthy and be in shape. That's it. So my exercising is for me and not for anyone else.

Have a great evening!

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