Long day

I didn’t have a job today. One of my caregivers called me at 9:45 and was crying. I seriously thought my client had died so I rushed over. Thankfully my client is fine but the caregivers father passed away. She took off and has to go to Africa for the funeral. I got my other live in to come take over for her but I ended up being there for 4 1/2 hours. Since I lost my father in May, I know exactly what she’s going through.

Now I come home, eat my lunch, and then had to teach my son how to remove nail polish. Why he wanted to put it on in the first place I may never know. Well, he used the shellac polish in purple on one foot and red on the other that I have so it wouldn’t come off using basic polish remover. Instead of taking him to a salon, I had him soak his nails in acetone and then scrape it off. It’s off now thankfully!

So now I am watching some house flipping show and trying to relax a bit. Today is an off day. Yesterday I got over 10,000 steps, yay!

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