School orientation

Today was school orientation. From 8a-2p. My son had to go to every class like he would on a regular school day. He was happy to not have the same P.E. coach and that he has the same art teacher. I met with his art teacher too. He told me that my son was a great asset to his class and he looks forward to having him again.

I volunteered at the school store sale while he went to his classes. It was supposed to be for 2 hours. I was there from 11-2. My feet are killing me now that I’m finally home!!! I did almost 5,000 steps just walking around the cafeteria helping people buy shirts and gym clothes.

The good part of helping out is that I got to see a lot of parents that I haven’t seen in a while. The bad part is that I was wearing my flip flops and now I’m in pain!!!

I have one job tonight and 4 tomorrow. I spent $46 on school uniforms so I need to make up for it! Not much else going on. I want to relax for a while before I leave again. Have a good one!

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