Oh I’m MAD now

Usually, I really appreciate valets. They actually have a hard job. They have to work in all weather conditions, they have to make sure they do not so much as scratch someone’s car, and they have to keep track of what keys go with which car. Not to mention be nice to people.

What I do NOT appreciate is when I drive somebody up to a door and you don’t get off your ass and open the doors for them because you know they have a driver. This man I drive will tip a valet even though he didn’t use them because they came and opened the car door for them. So WTH???

Two! Yes, TWO valets were standing there chatting when I drove up to let them out. They looked at us and then CONTINUED CHATTING!!!! Totally ridiculous and RUDE. My client actually knows the owner of the restaurant he is at this evening but is too nice to say anything about these men. I want to review the place just on their valet service but not sure if it would be read by management there. Does anyone know if it will??? If management reads yelp reviews, I will walk over, get this a-holes name, and post a review on him. How can you let a 95 year old man and his 80 something girlfriend get out of the car themselves?!?

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