Another pound gone

I have lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks. I am NOT complaining!

I went walking again this morning. I slowed down but tried to walk as far as I did yesterday. I walked in a huge circle around the neighborhood close by me. I almost made it. 1.43 miles instead of 1.52. My heart rate did not go so high thanks to the slowing down.

Much better for me, right? My walk took longer which I didn’t like but I need the exercise so I can’t complain. My son is still asleep from when he went to bed yesterday at noon. Kids, geez!!!

I ran into a mom from my sons kindergarten class back in 2010. They had moved to Norway after kindergarten and she said they came back a year ago and she put her son is now in private school “because he’s used to the international school system and its more like our private schools”. Then she said we should get the boys together. Wait, huh? You came back a YEAR ago! If you really wanted our boys to get together, wouldn’t you have sent me a Facebook message back then??? Whatever. I doubt I will even see her again, let alone get a message from her on Facebook.

That was my morning walk. Now I get to go sit with this little old cranky as hell woman for 4 hours today while her caregiver takes some time to herself. I am going to take my laundry over there because I may as well save money (they charge $2.75 per load here where I live) and I’ll be there forever anyway. Maybe I can take her to lunch or something as well to break up the monotony of sitting around her apartment. Plus my regular Wednesday evening dinner plans with my favorite 95 year old!

When I got off my afternoon job yesterday, another client called me totally frantic because her house phone and internet were not working. I went over there. I restarted her router but that didn’t work. So I called the company she uses and the woman I got said they can’t come out until Saturday! WTH??? They are going to make her do without service for 4 days??? What has customer service become? Companies do not seem to care about their customers anymore. What company am I talking about you ask? Well, AT&T of course! Not that other internet providers aren’t the same way. When my father was bedridden right before he passed away, I asked Xfinity to come out and hook up cable upstairs so he would have something to watch and they said 3 days before they could come out. Well thanks but no thanks. I’m very disappointed in how companies treat customers these days. It’s just sad. That’s why I started reviewing on Yelp. Not that it will make a difference, it probably won’t, but it gives me an outlet for my frustration and sometimes I get a place that does a great job and I love praising companies when they do something good too!

So I guess I need to shower and get to work. I hope everyone has a great hump day!

2 thoughts on “Another pound gone

  1. Yay, congratulations on the weight loss! 😊 And I wouldn’t get together with that woman who came back from Norway a whole year ago if I were you, either!

    Haha hope the cranky lady isn’t too cranky today and at least you’ll be getting your laundry done for cheaper! 😊

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