Morning! Hurricane?

So after waking up at 5am, I’ve had time to check out the news.

As you may know from reading my blog, I live in Houston TX. Some storm is headed towards the Texas coastline at the moment. I have lived in my place since 2003 and went through Hurricane Ike and did not flood so I’m not going anywhere. We have food and water and a couple of neighbors have grills so we will be fine. I got gas yesterday so I will have a mostly full tank so if our power does go out, I can still charge my phone and my sons Nintendo 3DS in the car.

I probably will not be able to work this Saturday which bites since that’s my busiest day so I’m losing out on almost $100. So I am hoping for this to fizzle out or just bring a little rain. The news makes it seem like it’s a huge emergency and we need to be prepared!

Other than candles, we are ready. I’m kind of afraid to go to a grocery store now though because of people panicking. My caregiver told me they will go to the store today. That’s not a good idea now though! They should have gone yesterday. Oh well! Maybe I’ll go to the mall for candles, like the smelly kinds. I’m not sure if people buy those for a storm so maybe it’s a safer bet than a grocery store. Or just use my phone as a flashlight, even better.

One job today and that’s to a doctors office. I don’t think I’ll be working tomorrow either as I’m not taking an elderly person to a grocery store tomorrow. No way. It’s going to be insane. My friend is asking me to take him to Costco. Oh hell no. I’m not going near a box store right now!!! Talk about crazy lines! I am only going to this doctors office with this woman and heading back home to stay out of this mess.

Since I walked the past 2 days, I thought I would give my legs a rest and do my arms today. So I was woken up mega early just to relax. Why I’m not watching Netflix I have no idea!

3 thoughts on “Morning! Hurricane?

  1. We had a flash flood warning here yesterday too! It lightly rained for an hour and then ended haha. An alert was sent to my phone and everything but no big deal!! Hope it’s no big deal in Houston, too! Sounds scary!

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      1. I know, right? It’s like the second time since I’ve lived here that we’ve had the warning but of course, nothing even close to a flash flood lol. It’s good your prepared though, better safe than sorry. 😊

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