Day 1 of Harvey

I’m in the Galleria area of Houston, about 9 miles from downtown. It started raining sporadically yesterday. The storm hit down south really hard as a category 4 hurricane. It’s really bad down south according to the news and I feel for those people.

My man and his cat are here with us. My dog and his cat have barely smelled each other and are staying away from each other. My allergies are going nuts with his cat but I am dealing just fine. The cat is in bed with me and my dog is freaking out from the floor. It’s actually pretty funny to watch them get near each other, sniff, then run away.

We have gotten some rain and NO flooding near here. It has flooded in other parts of Houston. Our mayor was on the news this morning telling us to stay at home because this thing keeps coming in waves and will get bad in the next few days. We are staying here.

I have text my friends and neighbors and everyone seems to be fine so far, even in flood prone areas. We are bored because it seems that xfinity decided to shut everyone down last night as a precaution so we have no cable or internet so no Netflix! Thank goodness for cell phones. And of course we still have power since it’s just rain so far.

Last night my man and I went into a neighbors home to check on it since he passed away last year and I haven’t been in that place since I found him dead on his floor (not a good day). The ceiling is covered in mold, it’s black and everywhere in the living room! There are dead roaches everywhere (kitchen and bathroom) and his children that came to clean it out left a desk and the bed in the apartment. At this point, they will have to have all of the drywall removed from the ceiling. I’m even wondering if it will affect his upstairs neighbor since it’s on the ceiling. I feel bad for that guy! The furniture will probably have to go too, even the nice bed. So that’s what’s happened during this storm so far. I will check in later or tomorrow depending on what we get up to today.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 of Harvey

  1. Aww cute cat and doggie!! Animals are so funny when they meet each other for the first time! I’m glad you’re in the safer parts of town! And the description of that apartment, how horrible.. 😩

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    1. I’m going to contact his children because it’s really bad. And they are very cute and very much avoiding each other! It’s funny!!! 😀

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