Friday Morning

Good morning!!!

I got 6 hours of sleep. I woke up because I was supposed to have a job at 8:30. I left at 8 to drop off recycling and go by this other ATM because the one by me isn’t working. Of course, that one isn’t either. Whatever!

There are 3 ways to get to my client. I went down the easiest road, turned on the back street to go to her and it was flooded. So I went to the middle street and it was flooded. Only one other option! I went down that street and IT WAS FLOODED!!! Needless to say, I can’t get to her. I called to let her know and she says, “Well, the van is picking people up and bringing them in so why can’t you get through?” WTF lady. I refuse to possibly hurt my small car just because a huge van can get through! I watched the van too. He barely made it through the water. Even he said there’s no way in. So there you have it. I missed out on $30 because of standing water.

So I’m back home and a bit cranky. I stopped at the store on the way home and was told they should be getting a truck in today for supplies. I think I’ll wait a bit more. All I need are eggs and milk and I can wait.

My man says he is going home again today. Why I don’t know. That’s his thing. I think he just wants out of the house. I can’t blame him. We’ve been stuck here for a while.

I have my son out back pulling weeds. He has taken over an hour already and my patio is not big. If he would stop talking and complaining, he would be done. Then he still has homework to do for the beginning of school, whenever that is. The superintendent of our schools put out an announcement yesterday advising parents that the schools may not open next Tuesday because of water, power, or other issues. NONONONO… my kid NEEDS to go to school!!! They were supposed to start last Monday but couldn’t because of the storm. Pray hard that he can go to school!!!

Chat with y’all later. My neighbor’s kids want me to go back in the mold house and do a couple things. Yuck!

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