My condo

I got married in the year 2000 after moving home from Colorado because my grandfather had passed away and my grandmother needed help. When I got divorced in November 2002, I moved in with my grandmother, my Mimi.

Jump to February 2003. I had started dating a guy in Huntsville and he would drive here every other weekend and I would drive there when he couldn’t come here. He worked at a prison there so time off was rare. He and I are still friends, it just didn’t work out after my grandmother passed. I would look at him and think of her. It happens.

One weekend I had gone to visit him and my Mom stayed here with Mimi (it was her Mom anyway!). I got a call at 3am Saturday morning from my Mom telling me that Mimi had fell in the bedroom and was taken to the hospital. She ended up breaking her hip and had it replaced. As she laid in the hospital bed, she told us she was done fighting this life and was ready to see her family in heaven. She quit eating and passed away on Valentine’s Day 2003. To this day, I do not celebrate that day anymore.

So I stayed here. My Mom would never let me sell the place and sometimes I have agreed. My son was born here and has never lived anywhere else. We go on vacations, don’t get me wrong. He’s been a LOT of places for just being 12. This has always been Home for him though.

When I moved in, the walls were light blue with a yellow accent wall. It had old lady furniture and even twin beds in the bedroom. She always had cats and had carpet so that was the first thing I got rid of. I now have tile floor, black leather furniture, 5 year old kitchen appliances and countertops, and a queen bed. The walls are white (well, working on it) and the only trace of my grandmother here is her favorite chair which I keep by my front door.

The reason for this post is a comment I got today. Hunida (check it out!) said I may have a ghost and I said that would be funny. I say funny because of this:

3 days after she passed away, I was asleep and she woke me up at 6am standing over my bed saying, “We have a lot to do today so you need to get up.”

After my son was born, I would see a blue light leaving from the bathroom and going into the living room. One day when my son was around 2 or 3, he asked me who Mimi is. I told him it was my grandmother that went to heaven before he was born. He said, “Well, if she is in heaven, why is she telling me to mind you now?” Ummm… 😳

After that, I have not seen the blue light, no talking to us, nothing. I thought it was weird at first having a spirit but now it’s no big deal if she is here. Why my grandmother would say “Mama” I can’t see but who knows!!!

Some people don’t believe in spirits, I do. I believe my father is watching over my mother because when I walk in their house, it feels like he is just upstairs taking a nap. I’ve seen with my eyes and heard my grandmother. Each individual has their own opinion, that’s mine.

2 thoughts on “My condo

  1. Omg haha thanks for the shout out! 😆 I totally believe in ghosts/spirits, too! That’s so amazing how much you’ve been able to connect with her. I’ve always been creeped out by spirits but that’s really sweet that it’s just your grandmother minding you. 💗

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