Friday is today!

I was so sleep deprived yesterday I thought it was Friday. Oops!!!

My son wants me to drive him to the other side of the city in an hour. While he is at his friends house, I am going to drive back, go see my client, go “fix” my mom’s Apple TV, and then go back to pick my son up. Since his friend lives near where the military placed my father, I figure we will go see his site after his friends house. My mom wouldn’t let me have a service there so I would like to see it.

My man is going to go check on his place AGAIN, then run some errands. I told him to take the key in case he beats us back here.

So that’s our day here today. The only concern I have is getting my son to his friends house. I checked Waze (if you don’t have it, it’s the best GPS app) and it shows that I can take the freeways now. That’s good that they are clear and not covered in water anymore. Getting TO the freeway is a bit more tough. The city released water out of the reservoirs so that means there are still streets under water and according to the city, will be for some time. One of my clients was told they cannot get to their house for at least 2 weeks and it’s about a foot under water. That’s not good. At least it was empty since she’s selling it and she lives in a retirement home now!

The man and I have been talking about my son and how he needs someone to talk to about all that stuff that is NOT me. I’m so happy they have talked and he trusts my man enough to talk to him. As my son hits his teenage years, he really needs someone. I told him he can talk to his Dad and he said, “Oh HELL no!” He doesn’t trust his Dad. Well, neither do I but I would never tell him that!

I went to the store yesterday!!! I drank some milk last night. I haven’t had any in a couple weeks so I was so happy. The small stuff is always good.

So I’ll get in the shower and get out of here. Y’all have a good day!

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