Rest Day…maybe

Yesterday was good. I had 2 jobs and they were both very generous to me and tipped me well. Doesn’t make up for the loss for the whole week but it’s helpful getting back on track!

Traffic is horrendous but since there is still flooding, it’s understandable. I got a picture from ABC13KTRK here that shows the satellite view of the Harvey.

So yeah, it was pretty bad here. You couldn’t see all the waterways before this storm from a satellite (taken from ABC13KTRK). Also from the same website, this shows you where the water from the reservoirs is going.

This is actually my working area too so it’s difficult to see my clients and friends homes being flooded.

My man went home yesterday, no more cat in the house. My dog is VERY happy and even slept with me last night. My allergies will thank me when I wash the sheets today too.

My son is having a friend over today. He is excited especially since we can’t get to his other friends. I told the kids mom that if she will drop him off, we will keep him and bring him home after dinner. Now I just need to figure out what to make them. I’m thinking they can eat the leftover burgers. Why not?

My wedding ring came in yesterday but no regular mail. Weird. It’s beautiful! My dress and ring shows how much of a Doctor Who fan I am. My dress is a Tardis dress too. Naw, I don’t like that show at all!

Tungsten wedding band (Walmart)

Tardis dress from Torrid

Now he wants to dress like the 4th doctor so we are on the lookout for his outfit.

Google pics of the 4th doctor

Yes, we are serious about going through this. We just got through a week of living together and sleeping in the same bed and sharing a small space and didn’t hate each other. No, that’s not a lifetime, it was stressful because of the storm and we both have no money and the fact that we were able to get through it and still be talking about it is awesome. We can get through anything!

He wants to move to Arkansas. I don’t want to leave my mother by herself here or move until I have clients to drive and be able to work there. So I don’t know what we are going to do. We will figure it out.

So I am watching HGTV Property Brothers and about to shower. Also wondering what to cook for the week. I still have some leftovers from a few days ago when I went crazy in the kitchen too which have to be eaten. Are we having fun yet?

Y’all have a great day. The boys will probably just sit here and play my sons Wii U or watch YouTube like usual while I am cleaning and cooking. 🙄

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