Quick note

I just saw that Tilman Fertitta bought the Houston Rockets for 2.2 BILLION dollars. Does anyone know if he helped any of his thousands of employees that may have had issues during this flooding?

I ask because I have never been a fan of his. He bought Landry’s and didn’t pay them for years. He borrowed money from a bank to open his first business and that bank had to take him to court twice to get their money back. These are just two stories I’ve been told by my old friends (I haven’t been in contact with them for over 10 years now but this was back in the 90’s when it happened), the Landry’s (he didn’t end up paying until Mr. Landry had already passed away), and the bank manager from way back then.

Let me know. Maybe he changed, maybe not. I’m just not sure how our awesome basketball team will do with his ownership.

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