Waking up like this is scary

So it’s the 2nd time this has happened. I just got woken up by someone crying and screaming “Mommy!” This time it was a more faint, like it was far away. After a few screams, I jumped up saying “Hold on!” and ran into the other room where my son is passed out. So it wasn’t him. It was definitely a boy and it was a boy screaming.

I’m wondering what this means! Twice now! Am I afraid for my son? Is something going to happen? Yes, it freaks me out this much. I want to say it was a nightmare but since all I heard was that, is it technically a nightmare?

Any thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Waking up like this is scary

  1. Oh that’s so interesting…I wonder if you’re awake or asleep when you hear it! I really hope it doesn’t mean something is going to happen to your son! 😱

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      1. If it’s just a dream I totally believe that would be the reason but if you’re awake when you hear it, maybe it’s a ghost that needs your help! 😱

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