Grocery day

No jobs today but crazy busy again tomorrow and I can’t complain about that! This man wants me to take him to work 3 days a week and at $30 per trip, I’m perfectly okay with that!

So I decided earlier that I will attempt to go to the grocery store today, specifically Costco. After the man stayed here a week, I need to replenish supplies and refill my freezer. God this freezer was a great idea! BUT… I haven’t gotten out of bed yet. I’ve been awake for 3 hours thanks to another client calling and waking me up and all I’ve done is some computer invoicing work.

Traffic is still a nightmare as well so do I really want to get out in it when I don’t really HAVE to? Until the city fixes the water problem on our tollway, all streets will remain ridiculous and too busy. So I’m not sure if it’s grocery day or not. I may just stay at home and veg out.

Thanks to ABC13KTRK for the picture of the water on that bridge.

What do you think?

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