Yay for Saturday!

I wish. I have 3, possibly 4 jobs today. Sounds like fun, right?

My little girl is standing right under my bed where I put my feet looking at me like, “we are going for a walk now, right?” Umm, hang on there! I’m not ready to leave my bed yet! But don’t go poop in the house either! I’ll do it in a few minutes.

I do not want to deal with traffic but I guess it’s inevitable since I came up with my own company of DRIVING. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, elderly people for the most part can’t drive and need to go places too. Yep, that’s what I told myself. And now look at me 2 years later! I have the 95 year old, his girlfriend, his buddy and HIS girlfriend, stinky, cranky, talks too much, the married 65 years couple, and an occasional extra one or two if they ever want to go out. All of that is from word of mouth. I don’t do marketing, I don’t advertise, I don’t even have a website! Whew! I didn’t really write it out before, that’s a lot! It’s a growing company and I am happy I started it.

Okay, while I was writing, stinky cancelled on me. And she hasn’t paid me for Tuesday yet! I do have a cancel fee of one hour so I asked her if I could come by later and get the money she owes. Of course she said she will just pay me on Tuesday which means I’m behind which SUCKS. So I’m up this early for absolutely no reason now! So I should go exercise but I think I will just watch more Netflix.

I’m in the middle of The Blacklist newest season. I adore James Spader! I had a HUGE crush on him when I was growing up (that wavy hair and sharp features), and he has gotten older but still has charisma!

Pretty in Pink

The Blacklist

I totally lost my train of thought after doing the pictures of him! Oops. So I guess I’ll go for now. I really can’t think anymore!

7 thoughts on “Yay for Saturday!

  1. I LOVE the Blacklist but for some reason I can’t watch violent shows or movies anymore. I don’t know what happened. I start getting into a show and then the violence is just too much for me and I have to quit. It’s the reason I’m only up to season 4 of Game of Thrones. I tried to get into Scandal and couldn’t keep going. I must be getting too sensitive in my old age. James Spader has still got it though! 🙂

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