Okay. I’m thinking about moving in with my 73 year old mother. Below is my pros and cons lists. PLEASE tell me your thought and feelings of this potential idea. I still have to talk to her about it, I don’t think there will be a problem though. She has repeatedly asked me to come over to help her and if I’m there, it would be easier for her.


  1. Save money
  2. My son would have his own room
  3. Help my Mom in case she does ever get sick or need help
  4. Closer to my sons school (he could walk)
  5. Bigger kitchen
  6. Free laundry (each load here is $2.75)
  7. My son has a friend that lives in her neighborhood
  8. No more crappy condo management company
  9. No more bad neighbors (druggies, psychos, nosy people)
  10. Not have someone living above us (plus having to hear her when she has sex – eww)
  11. My son wouldn’t be left alone all the time
  12. More bathrooms (I have 1 and she has 2 1/2)
  13. My son will have a harder time sneaking out when he’s older (we live on the first floor and he sleeps right by the front door in the condo, she has a townhouse with all 3 rooms upstairs)


  1. Living with my Mother
  2. She has 2 cats and we have a dog
  3. We are both allergic to cats
  4. Mom doesn’t know I smoke
  5. Mom bitching at me if I have beer (she bitched at my Dad about it all the time)
  6. Her house needs work from old foundation issues and I would get stuck doing the repairs
  7. Have to eat downstairs and not in the bedroom (no more snacking while watching Netflix)
  8. We would not know our neighbors
  9. Pay my mothers bills (or split them with her)
  10. I will have to do all the shopping and cooking since she doesn’t cook
  11. She has a shopping problem and I can’t stand clutter)

Thoughts? Should I even talk to her about it? Would she want to not live alone now that my Dad is gone? A lot to think about.

If I do this, I want out by next summer. I want to sell my condo and pay my cousin his 33% of this condo that he owns. I will put most of the money I get from this place into my sons college fund.

10 thoughts on “Moving

  1. That’s a big decision. It sounds like there are many positive points in the sense that you could help each other out quite a bit. It might be a little more comfortable arrangement for you and your son than your present situation and you could save money! If you do this, try to keep a positive attitude. I’m sure there will be some bumps in the road! Good luck!

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  2. I’m with Hunida – it’s likely a good decision. How’s your relationship with your mom? You mention some of the tensions that would come of the move but I assume there would be things you’d be glad about as well, yes?

    And I guess the other thing that occurs to me is that perhaps discussing some of those cons with her could be worth a try – maybe you can come to a compromise?

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    1. Honestly, it was very strained when I was growing up. Now that I have my own kid, she’s lightened up and since I work with the elderly, she doesn’t piss me off all the time.

      The move is mostly so she’s not alone growing old and for my son to have his own room. That’s what I care about. Saving money is good too though! Especially with college in just 6 years!

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  3. Oh, what an idea! Are you willing to live like a “girl” with your mom? I couldn’t live with my mom. We are completely different. She cares about things I don’t and vice versa. I love harmony and peace, she likes to fight (or bitching as you saying). But live in bad neighbors isn’t good for your son. Also, you can always change something later on!
    Whatever you do – enjoy it! Attitude is everything! Good luck!

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    1. Thanks! I had a “talk” with my mom and told her that it’s still her house but I have my own rules and I hope she can respect that I will take care of my own child. She says she’s okay with it, guess I’ll find out! 😂

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      1. Yes, she is. That’s the number one reason to move in with her. She has never been alone, never paid bills, never gotten groceries, and hasn’t cooked since 1970!


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