Crazy day today

Happy Monday morning you ya!

Today is my sons first day of school. Pushed back 2 weeks because of hurricane Harvey. He said he is waking up at 5:45am which means I had to wake up before him so I can have my quiet time. At first he asked for eggs this morning but then changed his mind and said he doesn’t have time. We don’t leave until 7am so why doesn’t he have time? He showered last night!

I will take him to school at 7 and then I have a fun morning going to fight my house taxes in court. I have a 680 sq ft condo. I am charged over $2000 a year for my place. My argument is this:

  • My name was just put on this place in November so why do I owe 12 months of taxes? Yes, technically I lived here all of 2016 BUT my name was not on the place until November!
  • This place has foundation issues and window issues. The management company said I don’t have foundation issues and the window leaking from the outside is not their problem. Yes it is! You guys installed the windows and it is leaking from outside and outside my 4 walls is your problem not mine!
  • The surrounding apartment complexes are not nice, not very safe, and looks bad. Not saying my street is in bad shape, it’s just the people and crime all around this area. I have gone to walk my dog and there will be a homeless person asleep in my laundry room. I walk outside the gates here and someone asks me for money. Just not what you would think for the area I live in.

Do I have a chance? I really don’t know.

I took pictures of the foundation issues and will take pictures of the crappy surrounding apartments as we leave today. We shall see what happens. I am a bit nervous about that.

Then I have to pick up my guy at work at 2pm. Then pick up my child from school at 3:15. Then go change my moms air filter. Whew! It’s going to be a long day.

My caregiver finally made it home from Africa so I want to go over to my clients home and say hello and see pictures. She’s from Tanzania 🇹🇿 and she said she would take pictures. Today is her first day back. I’m just happy she made it home!

Foundation pictures.

  1. My floor in the middle of my unit along a wall between my bedroom door and a closet door.
  2. The ceiling that was just fixed in January 2016 has already cracked. Shoddy workmanship or foundation?
  3. The crack in my patio. The concrete slab is like an inch or two away from the sliding glass door!


They sided with me!!! Yay!!! I met with the Harris county appraisal district and I guess you could say it went well! The value of the property is now lower where it should be and I can still make a profit when I sell. Yay!!!

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