My best friend

My best friend is American. It doesn’t matter what color her skin is, she is American. And she is amazing. She doesn’t think she is and sometimes doesn’t have the best view of herself. I wish I could hug her every time she says those things. I really do.

We have a hard time spending real in person time with each other because she lives 250 miles away, although still in Texas. We take our kids and meet up at least once a year because we need to. We need to have some time together, even if it means we are broke for an extra month. We just have to see each other and have a good face to face talk and hugs.

I met her in the year 2000. We both worked for a travel agency that no longer exists. We became friends and started sharing a ride to work together. One day, we got stuck for 2 hours in the HOV lane because of an accident. We got in trouble but we had each other’s back. We mostly always have.

Of course there have been times I’ve pissed her off (I am NOT good at not saying offensive things – I don’t TRY to, it just happens). I am lucky that she hasn’t walked away forever. We’ve been through a mutual friend accusing her of theft and I stood by her side. We’ve been through so much yet I feel like I missed out on too much in her life.

I decided to write this so she knows how much she means to me. She will tell me the truth no matter what I say otherwise. She checks me when I say something offensive. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have a best friend. My best friend has the link to my blog even though she doesn’t read it often. We do our best to talk daily. If we don’t, it’s usually because I said something stupid.

She has a husband, 2 boys (both of which are work to raise like mine), a full time job, and her own crap going on. I love to listen and let her get all her issues out. We all need that and I’m happy to be trusted enough with the personal information. I share with her as well. I probably talk too much. I know this. It’s okay. I am bad at interrupting too. At least I admit my faults!

Anyway, I love my best friend. I just want her to know that I’m sorry if I ever seem inconsiderate, I don’t mean to, ever.

This was a picture from our meet up in Waco last year. She doesn’t want any picture of her online. I would have put the picture of us in Dallas this summer but we were at Medieval Times wearing those stupid paper crowns and she would probably kill me if I posted that one.

As this is an old picture, we have both changed since then (me not as much as her). She was beautiful then and is beautiful now, there’s just less of her. I say, as long as she is happy, I’m happy for her!

6 thoughts on “My best friend

  1. Aargh, nearly started tearing up. I loved how you described friendship and hoe recognizable it is!
    In today’s digital world everyone seems busy and tired. Some I see only 2x a year. Bit still, ehen we meet, it’s liie old times!
    Ps. I love picture, there’s a very genuine look on both of you πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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