Already pissed

ARGH! This woman!!!

I wake up at 5:30. I have a nice relaxing time until my son wakes up. Then I get him off to school. Then I take my client to work near the airport at 7:30. I drop him off at 8:13 which means I have 47 minutes to get all the way across town. And of course there’s an accident on the freeway I would normally take.

I take the toll road to make sure I am on time and I get there with 6 minutes to spare. Awesome, right? Well! I text her at 9:05 and she says, “My appointment is on Saturday. I’ll have to pay you for my mix-up.” This woman has literally cancelled on me almost every Tuesday for the past 2 months. I am so tired of it! AND, she smells. Bad enough that I have to keep my windows down the whole way home after dropping her off (can’t have them down when I’m with her because “it might mess up her hair”. I’m at the point that I want to drop her as a client. Her step-daughter is pretty much begging me not to. How do I make this not so old woman understand I can’t run a business this way? Some cancellations I understand, shit happens. But every week? Oh hell no. I can’t do it anymore. I won’t drop her but I’m not driving the 10 miles in traffic to her for nothing. I already started charging her a cancel fee and she doesn’t care. It’s only a one hour fee, maybe I should make it a 2 hour fee. Maybe she wouldn’t cancel on me then.

So I drove home and called my Mom. We are meeting at her bank in 15 minutes to start the process of putting me on everything to make sure if she gets sick, I won’t have any issues with doctors or her bank.

I still have to pick up my client at work, take him to get a haircut, then pick up my son at school. Thankfully that’s all I have today. I’m just so mad at this stinky woman!!!

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