My tattoos

I promised I would write about them so here we go!

My first tat was gotten in 1994. I had just quit using drugs and wanted a reminder of why and I never wanted to forget. I thought long and hard before I got it. I don’t remember who drew it for me either but I still love it. It’s on my breast and not many people in real life will ever see it so feel privileged! I’ll never forget when I had my stomach surgery (Gastro-plasty) and the gown they gave me would have fit an elephant. It fell in the front and my mom saw my tattoo and pretended like she was having a heart attack. “How could you do that to your body? Why would you do this to me?” On and on (or so it felt like). Now that I have them on my ankles too, she knows it doesn’t matter what she thinks, I’m doing what I like with my body.

It is a Purple Heart with a flaming dagger through it. Yes, after 23 years it is kind of faded, has a few white areas, and changed a bit due to the 200 pounds I’ve lost. I am still happy with it!

In 2005, my son was born. His father and I got married a month after his birth and in January 2006, were in the middle of a divorce due to his cheating. I have this sun charm on my charm bracelet and thought to represent how much I love my son, I would put his initials on me along with the sun that is my charm. So I got my 2nd tattoo in June 2006 when he turned 1.

Two years later when I had a good job and actually had some extra money (thank god for no more diapers), I decided to finish my tattoo to my son. He is my sun, my moon, and my stars so that’s what I got. The stupid “artist” messed up on the moon, it is supposed to be a true crescent moon ๐ŸŒ™ and what he did was make it look more like a C. I used to be really pissed off about it but since my sons name starts with a C, I’ve come to agree with what he did in that area. The stars on the other hand are just wrong! They are supposed to be in different places around the moon and he put them in a line. I had given him a drawing too!!!

haven't gotten another one because I haven't had a really good reason. I'm NOT having any more kids, I DON'T want to get married again (unless it's to my man since he's gay), and starting my own business is not a dramatic enough reason to have more art on me. I will at some point. My first thing is fixing the one on my breast. We shall see!

Tell me about your tats!

12 thoughts on “My tattoos

    1. Just take your time and pick what’s right for you. You’ll appreciate it better in the long run if you are 100% sure of what you want. I think that’s why I had drawings or symbols when I went to the artist (I say think because I still can’t remember who drew my 1st one).

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  1. I like the meaning behind them! And the tats too.
    I don’t think I could handle the pain though. A friend of mine has one on her breast too. She had it after her breast reduction surgery and it means a lot to her!
    Later she got a couple more and said it was coming kind addictive.
    This wasn’t the same for you?

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    1. I would love to get another one but I want it to have a special meaning. Also, in my old job, people weren’t allowed to have tattoos so I learned to only get them in places you can hide. ๐Ÿ˜€
      And thanks! The pain is only for a tiny bit and you get great art that you can share or not.

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  2. I didn’t get a tattoo until my 50th birthday. I never wanted one before that, but my 49th year on this planet was the worst, most traumatic of my life (thus far, hope it stays that way). My world and existence was thrown so far away from what I wanted for myself, and with the milestone birthday looming, I got a gaelic tattoo that means “new beginnings”. You can see it on my little blog picture or on my Facebook page. I love it! I did do some serious research on where I would go for it. Since we live in Seattle we have a number of really, highly recommended shops so I was lucky on that count. I have no need to get more, not feeling the addiction component. But, if there is another miserable, midlife crisis year in store for me-then who knows!

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