Ready for the last job today

I got my laundry done by 8:30 and was out the door at 8:40 to pick this woman up. So I was correct too. She wanted to run errands after the DPS. I finally got away at 11:40am. I picked up lunch for the woman and took it over there and she wouldn’t eat! OMG! It was her favorite place too but whatever. I saw the pictures and teared up at her fathers funeral pictures (seriously – it just brought all that back up), and we chatted for a while. Then I went home, walked the dog, and went to the school. I got the kids home, watched a bit of Netflix (I’m watching Last Man Standing because they are removing it as of September 30th), and then left for the last job. I’m early. WAY too early. Better early than late though! I obviously did not take the couple to the store. I called them to ask what time they wanted to go and they asked to change it to Sunday morning while most people are at church and it won’t be so crowded. It’s the HEB on I10 and they think it won’t be busy? Oh that makes me laugh!!! I’ll do it though. They are great people so I’m happy to help them.

Wow, that was a long day. And it’s not over. I’ll live. All I have tomorrow is taking this sweet man to work and then taking my son to his therapist in the afternoon. It will work out.

One last thing before I go my last half mile to pick this man up. I was not able to donate time after the hurricane. The least I could do was donate money. I got the cutest James Avery charm and the $40 it cost went right to helping victims of this horrible storm.

I am Texas proud so I put it on a necklace and am wearing it.

Have a great night! Post tomorrow will be about my tattoos (thanks for the great idea Hunida)!

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