Why am I awake?

Good morning! I do not have a job until 9am so why was I up at 6? My alarm was set for 7:30!!! So I figured I would catch up on my reading and blog in my time before I actually have to get out of bed.

So yesterday was crazy. I took the elderly man to work, came home to grab my laundry and love on my dog, then headed to my mom’s. I worked for 2 hours at her place and did my 2 loads of laundry too. I got a lot done. I completely cleaned out his desk, closed it up, and it’s ready to be trashed if that’s what my mom wants. I have 4 bags of trash too!

When I took my son to school yesterday morning, he complained that he didn’t have anything to take for a lunch. He didn’t like my idea of a cheese sandwich and he refuses to eat peanut butter (he’s NOT allergic). I told him he will have to eat school lunch because we did not have time to stop and pick something up. So, being the way too nice mom that I am, I left my mom’s to go to Beck’s Prime and grab him lunch and then take it to his school. Well, come to find out, the front desk didn’t take the lunch to him for 30 minutes after I dropped it off so he only had 10 minutes to scarf down a cold sandwich (it was hot when I brought it). He was pissed and so am I!

Then I went down to pick up the man at his job and take him back to his retirement home. Then rush back by my moms to get the laundry out of the dryer (why hers takes so long to dry I have no clue), and then pick my son up to take him to therapy.

We drive out to see his therapist and I let her know that we are moving in with my mom at the end of the year and that school just started and my son is still really angry all the time for some reason. I know she’s not allowed to tell me what happens in their sessions but give me a clue what I can do to help with the anger! I’m wondering if it’s the ADHD meds he takes. He’s been angry for a while (years) so maybe that’s what it is. He’s also been on meds for years. We have an appointment with his psychiatrist in 2 weeks so we will find out! He blames his Dad for making him that way, I blame myself because I have my own anger issues, and well, who knows! Maybe he will grow out of it too.

My caregiver brought me something back from Africa! Did I tell you? That was so thoughtful and sweet. I had to tell my friend in Kenya. Then she got upset because I didn’t tell her I knew someone that was coming there for her to send me something and have something brought to her. I love ya girl but I don’t think of these things! So I hung this in the living room and my son had a fit. “Mom, what the hell is this thing??? Why is hanging here? You need to find a place in your room!” Too bad kiddo! Not gonna happen until we move. I used a nail already in the wall and I don’t want to put more holes in my walls because I’ll just have to fix them before we move.

So today, I have 3 jobs. I have to take stinky to get her hair done and take the man to dinner with his girlfriend tonight. I will stop by and see the original client (cranky) since her son is in town and he needs to pay me for last week still. My son says he will be at the bookstore all day reading. He only has a little money to get something for lunch (he says he is going to Shipley’s for a lunch of donuts) and for a book or two if he decides to buy any.

You may not agree with this but as my son is almost a teen, is growing up so fast, and is so smart, I got a prepaid credit card in my name and have started putting his chore money on it. I signed the back of the card and gave him a note along with it that he has my permission to use this card. I don’t want him to have any problems using it. Obviously I couldn’t get one in his name since he’s not 18. I want to teach him how to be responsible with his money at the same time too. He had been saving money for quite a while and has $100 already. I put half of his money on the card and told him I’ll put the rest on there when I have time. He’s okay with that (or so he says). I also don’t want much on the card at any given time since he is still a kid and if he loses it, there’s not much for a thief to get off it.


6 thoughts on “Why am I awake?

  1. How sweet of your caregiver to bring you such beautiful artwork from Africa!

    I think giving the pre-paid card is a good idea for your son since he is so good at saving his $!

    And you really are a great mom for bringing him that lunch!!

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