Sunday yet again

Off day. Finally. I worked hard this week! I was able to catch up on all my bills, nothing is due until October 1st thanks to the hard work this week. I was a bit worried because of not making much after the hurricane!

I’ve been watching movies this morning. I just watched a foreign movie called The Wave. Good movie although a few parts were definitely unbelievable. Most movies have those parts sometimes! Now I’m finally watching Cloud Atlas. I love Tom Hanks as an actor so I figured I would finally watch it.

My son is still asleep. His Dad called around 10 and tried to wake him up but that didn’t work either. That was almost 2 hours ago! So I’m letting him sleep for now. I keep turning on lights and talking to him hoping he will get up though!

Speaking of his Dad, he will be here this afternoon and is spending the night here tonight. We have child support court in the morning. He asked me what I thought would happen. I answered honestly and I don’t think he liked it. Worst case scenario – they arrest him on the spot. Best case scenario – they tell him that if he doesn’t pay a certain amount in a certain time that he will be arrested. He is very behind, hence having to go to court. He wants me to drive and said he would pay for half the downtown parking fee.

This also means that I can’t work tomorrow. I don’t know how long this will take and so I cannot book any jobs. BUT the couple I drive told me to call when I get out of court and then come get them to go to the grocery store. They didn’t want to take my one day off from me. Sweet of them!

You guys have a great Sunday! I’ll be dealing with this and catching up on paperwork while I watch Netflix!

6 thoughts on “Sunday yet again

  1. Did you watch the German version? I’ve never seen that one, but I did see the original one 1981. It’s a short movie and probably on youtube.
    It is extremely powerful. Especially the ending!

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