I am so glad it’s done for today!

I usually blog in the morning and let you guys know what I’m up against for the day. Today, I woke up at 6, showered, got the kid to school, got gas, and picked up my 95 year old to take him to work at 7:30. Not a lot of time to talk, let alone blog!

After taking him to work, I chatted with my best friend while I drove to the 2nd job. I drove her around for almost 2 hours.

She wanted me to follow her in everywhere to hold doors for her and help her find groceries. So we finally went to her local HEB (Houston grocery store). We walked around the store and got everything on her list. I had parked right in front of the exit in a handicap spot so she would be right there when we were done. After check out, she asks me to bring the car up to get her. I reminded her where the car was and took her 4 bags (with no handles) out to the car without taking her cart away too. I left the passenger side door open for her. She just stands there outside the store door looking at me! I wave for her to come on, try and coax the woman over, anything I can do to not have to pull the wrong way in front of cars to let her happy butt in the car. She just stands there looking at me. Finally I get back out of my car, slam the passenger side door, and pull up facing all these cars and she just saunters over and gets in. What kills me is that her first words are, “Sorry I’m so tired today.” Really? OMG woman. I was 10 feet away from where you are standing. You would rather walk in front of cars to get in than walk 10 feet???? Okay, okay, I didn’t say anything, but I thought it!!!

After that, time to go see original cranky client and have her son pay me (he’s 2 weeks behind) since he was visiting this weekend from Paris (must be nice to live overseas and be able to fly back and forth every few months). I took the check to the bank when I left there (I stayed and chatted for about an hour). Now I’m just waiting for the bank to clear it so I can pay these caregivers what they are due. Only 2 weeks late with one and a week late with the other. 😳

After that, back down to the airport to pick up Mr. 95 year old and take him home. That thankfully was uneventful. After that, I go to my mom’s house. I cleaned out all of the shelves in the bookcases in what will be my son’s room. I actually moved all of the books into my moms bedroom so she can decide what to keep, what to donate, and figure out where to put the rest of them. I put all of her 20 year old painting stuff (she made t-shirt dresses back in the day) in the hallway. I found really old magazines from my dad’s old job, directories from both of their old jobs, and countless other crap that I don’t know what to do with. The old magazines and directories are being trashed. I left a few things on the shelves to remind myself to ask her what to do with them.

So! Under these shelves are cabinets. I was sweating so bad after the first hour of doing the shelves that I haven’t started them but oh my, they are also filled with crap! My son went upstairs to look and said “Wow mom, you did a lot today!” Thanks for cleaning those out.” Aww, he’s so sweet! I only banged my toe once too so I’m feeling proud of that (my mom doesn’t allow shoes upstairs so I was barefoot).

We are finally back at our condo. I should be cleaning since the realtor is coming tomorrow but I’m too tired. I’m about to turn on Netflix! Chat later!

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