Catch up

Let me catch everyone up on what’s going on.

The realtor came over. He gave me a discount on his fees (1/2 of a percent) and told me that even in its present condition, I can get a lot more than I thought for this place. MY SON IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO PAY FOR COLLEGE! I am very happy about that. He is coming to take pictures on Tuesday and I have to get anything personal out of here by then. That is a bit difficult for me because where do I put this stuff? My car trunk has to remain empty for clients walkers. My back seat is for the clients to sit in. My moms house is nowhere near ready for me to bring my stuff over. I also will have to take my dog with me if he brings someone to see the place. That’s not good. At least she rides well in the car!

I have had 4 female clients have birthdays in the past 2 months (August and September). I delivered 2 cakes already and I still need to make 2 more. I will probably do that in between taking this man to work and picking him up since that’s all I have today. Here are the first 2 cakes. Since I have found most elderly people don’t like too much sweet, i drizzle the cake with the icing and then use a carrot scraper and put white chocolate flakes on the top. I made one for my sons teacher in 5th grade and all of the teachers told me how good it was (she shared).

This is for the woman in the couple that I drive. I also let her daughter know I took her a cake because I keep her daughter posted on everything going on. She and her daughter said that’s great and it looks beautiful and nobody else cooks special for her anymore. Her birthday was on Tuesday and I had to take them to get their hair cut on Thursday so it was a surprise for her to get a cake 2 days after her birthday.

This went to my original cranky client. She wanted a second cake because the first one was so good. That’s a good sign! So I let her son know that she asked for more cake and sent him a picture. He is afraid that she won’t be with us much longer so he was happy that she asked for that!

I had a call on Monday from a client that hasn’t been calling much lately. I called her back and got her voicemail. She hasn’t called me back since. I need to call her again today. Maybe I can work today more than just driving! Of course, that would put off baking but I’m okay with that!

Miss Priss called and demanded a ride on Saturday morning to take her to Target and to put placecards at the place where she is having her birthday dinner that evening. I already have a job at 9am Saturday morning so I can’t take her at 10 like she wants and she’s afraid to go at noon because her guests will arrive at 2 and she needs time to get ready. Her birthday is on Monday and I thought I would take a cake to the club to have them present to her at her dinner. I’m still going to even though she called me last night to say, “Julie, since you can’t take me until noon on Saturday, I’m just going to wait and put the placecards in place when I get to the dinner. I already went to Target too.” Umm, good?

Mr. 95 year old is still awesome. I’m taking him to work this morning. Then pick him up again this afternoon. My mom’s cousin text me last night around 9pm to call her but I was already in bed and didn’t do it. She’s 76 and calls me for computer help all the time. I will call her on my way home from the airport this morning. Most of the time, she just needs to be reminded how to restore a window screen size.

Yesterday was a somber day thinking about my Dad. I’m okay now though. I just have to get that stuff out and move on as best as I can. At least that’s what the psychologist in me tells myself. I love having a psychology degree. I do not use it professionally but I feel like I use it in everyday life. Dealing with my son, clients, mother, and these HORRIBLE drivers!

I’m telling you, Houston is like anywhere else. We have really bad drivers and some very angry drivers, and the normal people. After the hurricane, you really saw how people can be driving. Imagine being in a HUGE traffic jam and people are honking anyway. Umm, dude? NOBODY can move so what is the point in honking? And be careful of truck drivers! One van seemed to piss off a truck driver so bad that the truck driver shot out the windows of the van on the tollway! 6 police squad vehicles were there when I drove by. The truck driver was surrounded and made to drive and park the truck somewhere not on the exit ramp. I never saw the van driver. Who knows? He may have been shot too. When I passed the caravan of cop cars on the exit ramp, I saw the van. Bullet holes in the side of the van, windows shot out, yeah, it was that bad.

Just be careful out there! And be happy it’s Friday!!!!

7 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. Amazing baking job. And wow what a stressful place to drive. Traffic is bad enough when drivers aren’t armed! I can’t imagine having to keep that in the back of my mind all the time. (my wife always reminds me to though when I travel to Louisiana for work every now and again. “Yes, Sage, I won’t upset anyone even if they’re in the wrong.” *Laughing* What a strange time we live in…)

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