So far…

So far I have patched the hole in my bathroom ceiling. I have painted a wood cabinet white to match everything else in the bathroom. I put a regular closet doorknob on my walk in closet instead of the lock that was on there (I’m taking that to my moms to have a lock on my door). I cleaned out the bathroom closet and left only what is necessary to live for a month or so. Everything else will go to my moms. I am tired.

Now it’s my sons turn to pack his stuff up and fill the car. We will actually go over there tomorrow. My Mom called and asked me to get an exterminator for fleas and give her cats a bath. I am SO glad she had their front claws removed! That will cut down on the horrible cuts I usually get trying to bathe cats. And I’m glad she will have an exterminator. I don’t want my cute little girl to get fleas!

So now I’m done for today other than putting all the stuff I packed up into the car. Maybe I’ll get more energy later and do more, who knows!

This stuff dries white. Since it’s on the ceiling, it kept falling off, so I actually did the patch job about 4 times to make it stay!


This is what it looked like (although I had already put the painters tape on it).

First coat of paint:

Yeah, still needs work!


All done!

Not sure this will help the sale but I thought it couldn’t hurt anything.

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