Well Good Morning!☀️😃

I was asleep by 11pm. Why I was awake at 5:10am, I have NO clue.

I went to walk to the restroom and OUCH! The heel of my right foot HURTS to stand on it!!! I guess I did too much yesterday. That’s not good since I need to move more stuff today. Plus clean more stuff out of the room at my Mom’s. I will wear my tennis shoes today and hopefully will not hurt as bad as when I put on my flip flops. I do have to go drive stinky this morning to get her hair and nails done too!

Speaking of my Mom… she has totally been on board with this plan of us moving in the whole time, until yesterday. You know how I said I would call my cousin back to find out what she needed? When I did, I mentioned that I had been busy packing to move. She immediately hangs up with me and calls my mother and, of course, makes her freak out by saying, “She shouldn’t sell the condo yet. What if you can’t get along? Is she going to make you move out of your house? She’s going to want to control you. This isn’t going to work.” WTH! So I spent an HOUR reassuring my mother that her cousin has had issues with her own 6 kids and I am not like my cousins and will not push her out or take over, blah blah blah. That wasn’t fun. I hope I gave her enough reassurance. I’m so used to spending time in my room when I’m at home that it’s not going to change. I was able to pack up most of my closet yesterday and take it over there. Since the bedrooms are not done being cleaned out yet, I put everything under her piano downstairs. The cats were having a great time looking and sniffing at all of it. Everything I own will probably now have cat on it. They are so cute. I really hope I get a little used to being around them! I really do like them.

The red bag is what I put my Christmas tree in during the year when I’m not using it. Her cat immediately wanted up on it and even took a short nap before the bag fell over and dumped her off.😂

This is my son’s toddler chair. I think the cats like it! I can’t make her get rid of it if she thinks they will use it though!

By the way, It’s allergy season here in Texas. Everywhere you go, people are sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and have itchy eyes. Not everyone has allergies but it does seem like half of Houston does! Especially me. And I was around my Mom’s 2 cats without my allergy medicine yesterday. No fun.

I want to go to this place next Wednesday called Dish Society (restaurant) because my favorite local beer distillery (The Bearded Fox) will be served there that night. Unfortunately, I also work on Wednesday evenings so I doubt I will get to go. It’s a shame really because I adore this beer they make called Aunt Rose and I am not a fan of driving 45 minutes to their place of business just to have one! Dish Society is close by. So now I’m pouting. Somebody please go by there and have an Aunt Rose for me!!! You buy a pint and get to keep the glass!

So yeah, one job this morning. Then I’m off until Monday morning. I need to get a LOT done at my moms since I have the time. I took my allergy pill last night so I wouldn’t forget today. My eyes are still itchy and my poor nose is stuffy but I still have to go. Maybe I will open a window over there. Maybe that’s what the problem is. I’m not sure when those windows have been opened last. Yay! I have a plan!

Speaking of plans, I weighed myself this morning. I have gained 3 pounds. I’m pretty sure it’s because I keep forgetting to eat breakfast (or in too much of a hurry) and driving which means sitting on my butt in the car). So I took a pill with my energy drink this morning and when I’m done writing, I’m going to go make breakfast and eat. Then work and clean all day. As long as I don’t forget to eat, I should drop these 3 pounds pretty quick. I don’t normally take pills to help with weight but it’s really just caffeine pills to keep me moving and I won’t drink the 2 energy drinks I normally do. I’ll stick with water and save the calories for food instead of soda.

Have a great weekend. I hope my foot and my allergies are fine today and tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Well Good Morning!☀️😃

  1. How rude of your cousin! At least you were able to reassure your mom. Those cats are so dang cute. 😍 I hope you get used to being around them, and that your foot gets better soon!

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