Gotta get this day started!

What happened to a day of rest? Well, it won’t be today! I have tons of stuff to put in my car and take to my mothers house. My son said he couldn’t sleep last night and has been up all night so I see today being a hard day getting him to move his stuff.

Today’s hard work is my own fault for not doing anything yesterday. I packed up my stuff, yes, as well as some of my sons stuff, but I did not go to my moms to clean more or take anything over there. Today is the last day I have too. The maid is coming tomorrow to clean and Tuesday starts the sale.

Here are the things that are packed and ready to go. Can I fit it all in one load? 😂

till have more after all this too. This is not really going to be a fun day. I will get it done though. And even clean more at my moms! I have furniture over there to get rid of. Hell, I have furniture HERE to get rid of!


I forgot to clean out my kitchen! Crap! I have a LOT to do!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday dear readers!

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