Well crap

So you guys may not know this. I have thin skin on my arms due to the asthma steroid inhaler I use daily plus getting older (and I’m NOT old!!!). I worked really hard to move 3 loads of stuff to my Mom’s. I noticed just now that in that process, I kind of screwed up my arms. Now I’ll get to wear long sleeves to work all week while they heal. 😫 It’s so hot here still, I don’t want to wear sleeves!

Anyway, I still have my desk to clean up and get over there tomorrow. Otherwise I’m done for now until my place sells.

I still have to finish cleaning the rooms at her house, take out all the trash and furniture that we don’t need or want, and organize my Moms stuff so there’s room for everything she wants to keep. Maybe 2 more weeks? If I go every single day and work 2 hours or more over there, hopefully I’ll get done. That’s in addition to working every day driving people too!

I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end. I hope and pray I am correct!

31 thoughts on “Well crap

  1. Ouch! I rock climb, kickbox and run half marathons and I thought I was dinged up! I hope you heal quickly and there is no pain associated with the bruising! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out, and feel better soon 🙂

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