Allergies SUCK

I feel like total crap this morning. I need to get in the shower, get dressed (in my long sleeved shirt), take my son to school, then go off to work my 3 jobs today.

I just downed an allergy pill. I’m hoping that’s all that’s wrong. Technically I could have overworked myself yesterday and actually be sick but I doubt it. I truly believe it’s the cats, the heat, and the work all combined into one.

Runny eyes, nose, and throat. Sniffling, sneezing, coughing. This is my morning. My son’s alarm just went off. He got up, drank some water, and is now in my bed complaining how his 3 day weekend is over and he doesn’t want to get up.

The maid is coming this morning. She’s great. I just hope that she can get everything completely clean and showcase ready. I’m sure she can. I’m more worried about bugs coming in after today. If there’s a bug when somebody comes to look at the place, won’t that be a turn off? It IS one of the reasons I want to move. Caterpillars, those huge flying roaches, gnats, and even flies (only a few in 15 years though) will come in here. I can’t stand bugs! Makes me shiver just thinking about them!

Okay. It’s 6:08am. I better get moving if I want to leave the house at 6:50! Have a wonderful day. I’ll have to take my own pictures later of how my place looks after the maid was here.

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