So tired now…

I did it. I worked my ass off but I did it. Everything but the leftover furniture is out of what will be my son’s room. 8 trash bags, 6 empty boxes, and 2 window screens? Why were broken window screens in that room? I mean those screens outside your window to keep the bugs from coming in screens. My God, do my parents not throw out ANYTHING???

The realtor came and took pictures (not as good as mine). Then he put a lockbox on the place and already showed it. The woman that looked at it even gave me an offer! It was too low but I already got an offer!!! Yeah, this thing will sell quick!

So I went back to my mom’s to tell her that she really had to get moving on her part of the cleaning thing. I moved all of the stuff that wasn’t trash into her room and she has to decide keep, donate, or pitch. She hasn’t done anything yet!!! ARGH!!!

I only had one job of driving today which is how I had time to pretty much finish his room. I can’t lift or move furniture by myself so that will have to wait until we actually move and have someone to take the furniture out.

I forgot to take pictures and I’m already back home for the day. I am about to have myself a well deserved beer and watch Netflix!

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