What a long day!

So! I believe I got food poisoning from my dinner out last night. I was throwing up half the night. I finally got some sleep around 11:30pm. I woke up at 4:45am to use the bathroom (the other half of food poisoning) and I just stayed awake because I needed to wake up at 5:30am anyway to make sure I have time to wash my hair and dry it.

We left here at 7am. Dropped my son off at school. Picked up Mr. 95 year old and took him to work. Came back to my moms. Started laundry. Came to my house to make sure it was clean enough for people to come look at it today. I took my precious little dog back to my moms to throw clothes in the dryer. I wanted to leave her there while I went to a job but the cats had cornered her within 2 minutes and she was crying and howling for help so I just took her with me.

The couple I drive didn’t mind that I had her. I left her in their patio (air conditioned too!) while I took the man to the bank and the grocery store. I came back within an hour (he gave me money and the grocery list and let me go get the stuff so it was MUCH faster than normal), grabbed the dog and the one hour of pay that I made, and took off. Back to my moms to pick up laundry first. The dog came upstairs with me to stay away from the cats. Back to my house to put clothes away and leave her at home since the realtor had already been by. Then back to pick up Mr. 95 year old at work.

After I dropped him off, I picked my son up at school early since he has therapy today (actually now). Drove to his therapist office. Thankfully I get to sit here until they are done. Then I will take him home and go pick up Mr. 95 year old and his “lady friend” to go to dinner. So my day will not end until around 9pm tonight. Pretty sure I will just pass out when I do get home.

I have a job at 8am tomorrow morning with stinky but only for an hour to take her to her hair dresser. Then someone is supposed to come pick up this bed that I would just be throwing away if nobody wanted it. Hopefully they will show up (it’s free so why wouldn’t they?).

Then back to pick up stinky and take her to get groceries and then home. Then I will finally get a break until 3pm when I go meet a new client. Then back to take Mr. 95 year old to dinner again.

OH! My ex that bought my car and is still paying on it is coming to my moms to drag furniture out and around for me in exchange for not having to make a payment this month. I told him that I need a good 5 hours of work in exchange for a car payment too. That would be $20 an hour so I think that’s fair! I don’t think it will take that long but I’m pretty sure my Mom will come up with stuff for him to help with. She doesn’t mind if he comes over since he was there to help my Dad when he fell before he got too sick to get out of bed.

BUSY weekend! I can’t wait to get a day off all to myself. When that will happen, who knows! 😀

AND one more thing. My arms are healing nicely. I just wanted to show you how well.

Have a great weekend guys!

5 thoughts on “What a long day!

  1. Ooh, food poisoning is the worst! And I feel so bad for your pup, cats can be so mean to them! I’m glad you were able to bring her with you to work, lol. And that is awesome that your ex is gonna help you with some stuff, you need a little break, don’t ya think? 😄 Also, glad to see your arms are healing up now!

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    1. Thank you so much! They will have to learn to live together soon so I’m going to keep taking her over there. Yeah, well, I think he’d rather keep his money and work it off instead and seems my thinking was correct because he practically jumped at the idea! As long as I don’t touch anything, I’ll be good in a few more days on my arms LOL

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      1. Hahaha I think your pup may always be a bit afraid of the cats but she’ll get used to them, hopefully!!

        Don’t touch anything, Julie!!! 😆

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