All about work

Today is all about work. I am not going to my moms house other than to drop my son off so he can play with his friend and take more of his stuff upstairs.

This morning at 8am: Take stinky to her hairdresser.

9am: Meet some stranger to give away my son’s bed.

10-12pm: Go pick up stinky, take her to the grocery store, then home. Then go check on original cranky client.

12pm to 3pm: Phone calls and checking on my workers (my 2 caregivers and my ex) and cleaning my place yet again in case someone wants to come see the place. I hear Saturday’s are the most popular day to look at homes so I need mine to be immaculate!

3pm: Meet new client and her family and I will be checking on her daily starting on Monday. She has dementia so not sure if she will remember me on Monday but I’m still going to go! I am excited to have another new client!

5:30pm: Pick up Mr. 95 year old and take him and his “lady friend” to dinner

8:30pm: finally home for the night.

Whew! Hopefully tomorrow I will have both rooms cleaned out where we can move in to my moms. I’m thinking I should go ahead and move so this place stays clean and there is no furniture for people say, “Oh, it looks small.” (Yes, I heard this comment last night). I’d like to be out of here in a week or 2. I will start taking my stuff upstairs that’s already over there before we actually move. I will need a cleaned out space for my movers to be able to bring in my furniture!

While Mr. 95 year old was at dinner last night, I went to a new Barnes and Noble (new to me). It is awesome! 2 floors of books, a Starbucks, and I get a discount using my moms phone number! I got 3 new James Patterson books for me (at $4.99 each before discount) and 2 more in the series of manga that my son is reading. For under $40! Then went to Starbucks and found this one has quiche! So I had broccoli cheese quiche for dinner. Very tasty!

I got home around 9pm and was passed out by 10. I don’t know how long my son stayed up but he’s passed out (it IS 6:45am). So my little doggy and I are hanging out in my room while I wake up and figure out my day. I’m sure she’s ready for a walk but I’m not really out of bed yet.

Tomorrow is my off day. “Lady friend” mentioned last night that she “wishes” she could find a ride on Sunday to her bridge club. I didn’t say a word about me! I did mention that Uber is always available though. 😂 I NEED an off day!

I have realized that I have to quit smoking to move in with my mother. Okay, I should quit anyway. I have tried a LOT of times to quit using different methods like the patch, e-cigs, Chantix (made me crazy dizzy), and even a book. This time, I got what’s called the Harmless Cigarette. Since I have asthma and shouldn’t be smoking anyway, I got the oxygen one plus the cool mint one since I smoke menthol. I just ordered it so I’ll keep you posted when it arrives and how that’s going. I need to quit before I move. My mother swears cigarettes killed my father even though 1. He had cancer and NOT anything smoking related either. 2. He quit smoking 17 years ago. 3. That’s just silly to tell me because she thinks that will make me quit (all it does is stress me out which makes me smoke more). That’s why I still need a couple of weeks before I move too. Anyway, I thought the oxygen one would be great since with asthma I need more oxygen anyway!

Holy crap! It’s 7! I have to leave my house at 7:30 and still need to get dressed and walk the dog. I’ll grab breakfast on my way out to stinky.

Have a good one!

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