Last hard day cleaning (I hope!)

So I am meeting my ex boyfriend at my moms house this afternoon. He is going to get the furniture moved around or just moved out for me. He is going to put stuff wherever my mom wants it too. I probably said that yesterday so if I did, I apologize.

Last night was interesting. I took Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss to a French restaurant. Usually the valet guy ignores me and doesn’t tell me when they are coming out of the restaurant but last night he was very friendly and even offered me a bottle of water! I was impressed. So I drank the Ozarka (I’m not a big fan of that brand but hey, free bottled water!) and did my blog. When I got home, I watched a movie on Netflix called What Happened to Monday. Then I tried to watch Gold but I passed out.

Yesterday, when the stranger came to pick up my son’s bed, I was nervous and dragged the bed outside my front door so he wouldn’t be in my place. He ended up being this Italian guy with 2 daughters and wearing a Snoopy shirt. He needed the bed for his younger girl because she wanted to be like her big sister and have a big girl bed. So thankfully that ended up fine.

What amazes me is what happened an hour after he was here. His wife, the person who originally was looking for a bed on Nextdoor, text me.

My neighbors taught me a couple Italian words so I can at least say hello, goodbye, and thank you! So she’s coming at 6pm today with pizza. I’m a bit excited. I thought about inviting my neighbors too so these people can chat in Italian and maybe make new friends from home. But maybe she’s just dropping it off. I have no clue! And what is an Italian homemade pizza? Am I getting myself into something weird or will I be happy? I don’t really eat pizza either but that’s because the fast food pizza places around here are so greasy and the toppings could be sitting out all day, you never know. I just don’t trust them. This should be better but I better take my medicine to be sure I don’t get acid reflux or something!

My blogging was just interrupted by my son’s father calling. He had to drive overnight for the company he works for to San Antonio and back and he’s falling asleep and wants to know if he can just crash here since I live close to where he works and where he lives is about 50 miles away. I’m too nice and I said fine so he’s on his way to sleep in my recliner since my son is on the couch now that he doesn’t have a bed here. So I told him in exchange for my niceness, he can help us this afternoon taking stuff upstairs at my moms. He can’t lift stuff because he hurt his back but he can take small things upstairs for us. My mom is not a big fan of his but he is still the father of my son so she will have to put up with that. I bet now he won’t be over as often though!

So I guess I have to get dressed now and can’t continue to have a lazy morning. Oh well! Have a nice Sunday! Here’s hoping this is my last completely crazy one!

13 thoughts on “Last hard day cleaning (I hope!)

    1. So the pizza was alright. I had a little but it tasted liked Pillsbury dough, regular tomato sauce with few spices, not much cheese, and some sausage that she tore pieces up and threw them on. So eh! But very nice of her!

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