100 followers and more

Wow guys! This is awesome! This morning I see I have finally hit 100 followers! In 3 months too! Awesome! Thank you! 😃


woke up about an hour ago from a weird nightmare. I was a kid. There was a dead body in a lake and I jumped in to pull it out (why I couldn’t tell you). Someone pushed the body down and I was drowning under it. So I woke up choking. Weird. I’m not looking for meaning but I didn’t like waking up like that and have no clue what’s going on in my life that I feel like I’m drowning!

Today is busy as usual. Take Mr. 95 year old to work. Then pick him up. Drive to our big airport to pick up Mr. Bubbly and bring him home. Then go see Ms. S. My break today while Mr. 95 year old is at work will be filled with me going to see original cranky client and NOT going to my Mom’s! I need a break today. Just for a few hours. My first official visit with Ms. S didn’t go so great. She was in some group class so I had to sit there with her. We didn’t get to talk. I did walk her down to dinner after the group (at 4:30pm?!?) and had her sit with ladies that were in her group. I also told her that I would come by after dinner today and she said that sounds great to her. I really think some people just need company to come and talk sometimes!

I talked to my ex boyfriend last night and he told me to measure the area and buy a piece of drywall from Home Depot and he will put it in for me. So that works. I have gotten so much done over there but I am glad I thought of the idea to have him pay off the car by doing work for us at my Mom’s. Everything seems to be going faster! Plus it’s less work on me by myself. Yesterday, I did my laundry over there, completely cleaned out my closet of all the stuff packed in there, and changed the locks on our bedroom doors so we actually have locks and not just knobs. Whew!

Nobody wanted to see my place yesterday. That might have been good since my son was here not feeling great. He’s going back to school today. He has a doctors note and his cough is a tiny bit better. I’ve never heard “blow your nose and you won’t cough so much”. Have you guys??? She wasn’t our regular doctor since that was a last minute appointment. I will make sure not to see her again either.

So maybe I’ll get in some rest today. Now watch as soon as I want to rest, the realtor will call and say he’s bringing someone by and I need to leave. That would be my luck! Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “100 followers and more

  1. Congrats with the first 100, everything will go fast from this point on!
    Moving seems like such a fuss. Even though we might not be moving in 1-2 years, I am very slowly and sneaky preparing it already 😉

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    1. If I had even an inkling that I would have been moving, I probably would have too! The time it’s taking is what’s frustrating. I can’t find anything over there and there’s nothing here that I need!


  2. Congrats! I’m eagerly awaiting to see if I make that milestone ever, lol. I think you’ve been super busy lately with all this moving stuff so I can see feeling like you’re drowning 😦

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  3. Congrats on 100 followers! I hope your son is feeling better now and I agree with you that you shouldn’t see that doc again. She sounds like an asshole.

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