Geez Louise!

I have to write another post today because I am a tad pissed off about a couple things.

1. Yes I am moving. ONE neighbor saw me putting stuff in my car. I asked her not to talk about it to anyone and now I have all these people that I don’t usually EVER talk to coming up to me asking, “Are you really moving?” WTF Seriously? This is what I was trying to avoid! Plus she’s telling everyone that I’m moving in with my Mother! Why does anyone need to know this??? How did she find out I was moving in with her? I’m so confused and frustrated. I can’t even walk my dog without people coming up to me. I’m just trying to mind my own business and don’t need everyone knowing what’s going on. That’s it! Can’t people leave me alone?

2. My job with original cranky client is to be her care manager. I make all appointments, send receipts to her son weekly, send pictures of important mail to him, and check in on her and her caregivers. How hard is it for the caregivers to LET ME KNOW what’s going on??? I let crankys son know that her doctor was sending therapists to see her last week. We didn’t know when but knew they would be coming. I asked the doctor to have the therapists call me to set appointments. They didn’t. They called her house number and set it up with the caregiver at 8pm last night. And the caregiver DIDN’T TELL ME!!! The appointment is this morning too! Luckily, I don’t have a job to be on this morning so I can go over there to meet the therapists. I needed to go measure the closet and go to Home Depot for the piece of drywall but oh well!

The other caregiver issue is she is talking directly to crankys son but not letting me know what is going on. I usually take a picture of any important mail and text it to him. This past Saturday when I did that, he says, “she already sent that to me.” Well, how was I supposed to know when SHE DIDN’T tell me?!? OMG, this is NOT that hard!

I’m about to ask him why he still has me if he’s just going to have her do my damn job. I’ve been with her over 2 years! He’s talking about changing things next year (no details yet on what might change because honestly what she has now works and shouldn’t change). So he will need me if and when that happens and he has told me that he doesn’t want to lose me. Well, show a bit of respect and keep me posted when you talk to the caregiver then! See, I can’t say this to him because he would get defensive so I’m just ranting on my blog. I don’t know what to do. This is the same issue I had with her full time caregiver. Thankfully she quit and not because of me. I don’t want to lose this caregiver because she’s great although I do need her to tell me what’s going on!

ANYWAY, now I have to go over there to meet therapists instead of getting to relax a little bit. I hope everyone else has a good day! I should have known by the nightmare I woke up to that this wouldn’t be a good day for me!

11 thoughts on “Geez Louise!

  1. Hey, just know that like how you can’t stop “not wanting” people intriguing in your life, people can’t stop doing it! So it’s just different types of humans living in the neighborhood my girl 🙂 and in the contrary, when you want people to keep you informed, they become those who will never listen to your cry! So relax and enjoy your moving away..

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  2. Maybe you can make up a really good story in response to the questions and have a little fun with it instead. It’s irritating when people get all up in your biz when you don’t feel like talking about it. Might as well make it entertaining for you if you are going to have to field the questions. 😉 Hang in there lovebug. They will get bored soon enough and you will be out of there anyway.

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      1. Oh I think it’s much better if you come up with something blatantly unbelievable! Like… “Well I really want to stay but the ninja nuns are adamant about my leaving. But I can’t talk about it anymore… (looking around nervously and then whispering) …they are always watching….” But the rule is that you must maintain a straight face the whole time. 😉 If you pull it off, I so want to hear the tale!

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      2. I would so totally do that if there wasn’t already a nutter that lives here. She actually came running out of her place naked saying that someone was after her. It’s sad but so funny!
        I’ll dream on it tonight 😀

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      3. Oh geez! Well yes. She may have beaten you to the punch. Crapola! The good news is that you have a great wacky soon to be former neighbor story so you will never be remembered as the main looney toon! Lol! It will get better darling. Big hugs to you. 🙂 Joanna

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  3. What nosy neighbors!! And it seems like they have too many people working for Cranky! So good that you’re getting away from those neighbors, and hopefully they’ll figure out a better system for Cranky asap!!

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